Monday, March 11, 2013

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Damn, It's been a year again..

So much for all the great stuff going on in my world. Just living day in day out.

I did get engaged,  after 7 years of living together and now we are about to hit the 9 year mark!
That has been the sole joy in my life to finally marry the man I have only dreamt existed in just over a year. I can't think of a better way to start off my 50th year than planning a wedding.
 My other Joy: My son finally came to Hawaii to live.

He has come so far in a little over a year. Sadly he too has had a lot of changes, moving here to sudden culture shock, losing his father 2 months later, going back & realizing the people who you thought were your "friends" really weren't. I hurt so badly for him when his childhood friends couldn't find time (in the course of a week) to come see him or come to the funeral home. Loosing his girlriend and missing his daughter like crazy. Then the family fight that is inevitable at every funeral. I really think it's obligatory at this point in time. If you don't have some kind of drama it isn't a real funeral now is it?

My father seemed like he was doing really good while we were there in late November fast forward to March 2012. (yes, I had to fly again, ugh)  I went home to take care of some things and of course see my parents. Dad was doing well, talking to us, sharing, making jokes and being "Dad"
   I never realized as I wrapped my arms around him to tell him I goodnight my last night in MS, he said, "You go home to Drew and take care of that boy. They need you more than I do now." it would be the last time I saw my father. He put up one hell of a fight. I am at peace with his passing, he is pain free, dementia free & Parkinson's free now after almost 20 years of struggling.
Proud to know he will buried among Presidents in Arlington National Cemetery almost one year to the day of his passing.

 I've lost so many people in this decade of my life. 40 started out so well, or so I thought... I guess driving through a 3 state blizzard from all directions to get to MS wasn't a sign-
 shouldn't that have been a tiny clue as to the degree of crap I was going to have to get myself through for the next 10 years? 

~ after my last writing my Uncle Dale, he committed suicide about 9 months after my Grand-Mother was murdered. Oh, Not because of remorse, hell no. Long story short, he was put under house arrest for charges in MS (but out on probation in the state of MO) well when MO found out he violated his probation they were going to come get his sorry ass & lock him up on his original sentence which I can't remember how long but anyway, 3 days in - he shot himself in the chest to keep himself out of jail - period. 
Still left with questions... I am so sick of having so many questions and never any answers.
So over the last year I have been watching to see the traffic on all the links, and have decided to take down the network so

Today was the end of the Justice for Heather-Renee' Network on Ning. I really tried, I gave it another year to take off but I just don't have the experience to run a website.
So I will wait & leave all that up to the pros.

Bittersweet, it will save me tons of aggravation; I have had no less than 300 "members" added all spammers. Who has time for that crap? I certainly don't and I really don't see the point anyway. I suppose I was grasping at anything I could to get people talking. I knew Facebook would be that tool but so far it's worked for everything from "talking" cats, dogs, pigs, you take your pick of animal, real or imagined and they get more activity. It really really is annoying.. Really.

So, this takes me to today, I have struggled for months on what to do about the network site and actually I just give up. I have no business attempting to run a website, I have nor time or patience for all the garbage that I have to wade through on a daily basis.

It just takes energy I want to focus in other places.
 So the Justice For HR Network & Justice4HR pages will stay up on Facebook
 as will Heather's Fan Page
Follow us on Twitter!
So much for the last year....
I'm just happy it's over... Now
I have a wedding to plan only 515 days until I marry my BEST FRIEND!

Warmest Love & Light,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roy Provost is at it again,,,

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I am in complete shock that this man is able to own a company after everything... This is corruption at its finest in my opinion.

This is the same man who told me over the telephone, while I was at the FUNERAL HOME... I called them again prior to having Heather cremated, just in the event there was anything they hadn't gotten. I specifically went down a laundry list of specific biological specimens that I REQUESTED be kept. He assured me they "had everything the needed, I could go ahead with cremation... had I know this man was a complete scam artist & lying about his training, lying about the coroner, lying lying lying!!! He didn't even take photographs of her body... what else didn't he do?? This was during Katrina, bodies everywhere, one coroner had died, they sent HR to Lafayette. This money hungry piece of $#!t lied to me to get paid. Plain & simple the faster they post them, the faster they get paid.
Why wouldn't the justice Department give me everything? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL DOING THIS OTHER FAMILIES??? How again does he even OWN a company such as this??
Collie Trant, the Coroner at the time of Heather's post was fired & claimed Provost was basically trying to run the coroner's office while the actual coroner was 80 something years old & had dementia... then Trant went to OK and was fired

Trust me I will be following up on this turn of events...
They can't ignore me forever....
and I won't stop until my last breath....

The following is a excerpt from todays article online:

Roy Provost, the owner of Louisiana Forensic Center, claims he had permission to use the facility for such purposes, but Coroner Shannon Cooper said that’s not true.
Provost’s company, Louisiana Forensic Center, charged $1,550 for each autopsy it performed for the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office. The company conducted 302 autopsies between September 2007 and October 2011 and was paid $468,100, according to records provided by the city-parish finance department, which handles the payment of all expenditures for the Coroner’s Office, except for payroll.
Provost’s company potentially earned an additional $96,000 from the autopsies he conducted for other parishes and private individuals while working at the East Baton Rogue Parish forensic medical center, assuming it charged them similar rates.
Ascension Parish Coroner Dr. John Fraiche, for example, said his office paid Louisiana Forensic Center $13,500 between January 2011 and May 2011 to conduct nine autopsies, or $1,500 per autopsy. Fraiche said Wainer conducted the autopsies at the East Baton Rogue Parish Forensic Medical Center.
Fraiche said he, like many coroner’s across the state, continues to use the services of companies such as Louisiana Forensic Center, because he doesn’t have a forensic facility in which to conduct autopsies or enough money to hire a full-time forensic pathologist.

Provost said he pulled out of East Baton Rouge Parish for business reasons but declined to elaborate.....

maybe it was those nagging " allegations of mishandling in the Coroner's office...

"Trant further claims every decision was made or dictated to Boustany by Roy Provost, whom Trant describes as ambitious but prone to shortcuts. Trant alleges a pattern of ineptitude on the part of the seven-year employee. "I left because of the incompetence and the fact that we had a high school graduate running the office," Trant says. "A forensic pathologist should be running the autopsy part of an office when they're doing autopsies. Because Boustany wasn't running anything and wasn't competent to supervise these people, Provost was getting away with anything he wanted."

Trant says he was hired in 2005 to perform approximately 225 autopsies per year but ended up doing almost 300, often without basic information from investigator reports that were required to be compiled by Provost and another investigator, Keith Talamo. The pathologist says he was willing to accept the unexpected increase in volume after the 2005 hurricanes but claims Provost actively recruited more than 100 cases from Rapides Parish in an effort to generate additional fees for the office and make himself look good in the eyes of the Lafayette City-Parish Council.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What's it going to take?

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Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I updated my blog. So much has happened since I last posted.
The closer it gets to her birthday the harder the days seem to be. Heather would have been 28 years old this year. Hard to imagine. Her "little" sister is now older than she.. which is a bit unnerving at times. She would probably have a child and be married or FAMOUS as she was convinced she would be. She wanted the world to know her name. One day this will happen I am sure of it. I may lay low for a few months but don't think it's because I've given up. That is never going to happen. As long as I am breathing I will continue to seek answers and continue to flood the Internet with anything I can to make people take notice. Same day this will land into the hands of the one person who will care enough and have the right influence to help us get the justice Heather so richly deserves.
I appreciate all the new signatures on the petition & new friends on Facebook!!(* Thank you so much Jayelle!!! you my dear are an angel on earth.)

Things are brewing I can feel it. The last few months have been a whirl wind of craziness. Somethings I can share - others, well I need to be careful how much I share, mostly because I don't want to loose what little ground I may have gained.
There was an incident in the fall & Michael was arrested for "cruelty to a juvenile" of course, I called the police department in LA  to find out more. I was transferred no less than 3 times each time trying to explain my concern for Christopher's safety. I was pretty much in tears by the time I actually got the investigating  officer on the phone. He assured me they would "pull the old file" and look further into this. I told him one child is already dead & I don't want the same thing to happen to Chris. I called back many more times over the course of a month & still don't know if they really "did" anything. The officer was always conveniently out on patrol & still to this day has not called me back. I have no doubt they dismissed me yet AGAIN... I'm sure this guy thought I was a lunatic on the phone. He was supposedly "new". What?- Sure I believed him & the leprechauns too. 
So, I forwarded the news blurp I found to both The Reporter & to Diane Dimond; To let them know that he'd been arrested for abusing Christopher & that this wasn't the only time they had gone to the residence for fights between the two of them. Again I was ignored.. not a word from either of them. I know Ms. D is a busy woman with Michael Jackson's death & all.... then the whole Caylee disappearance & murder. Heather's case has just gotten over shadowed by Hurricaine Katrina, then Hurricaine Rita and so on... but our turn is coming!! I refuse to give up hope. I know there is going to be someone who can do something.

The last few weeks I can't seem to think of much else, the strangest things pop into my head. So many questions, not enough real answers. Only more questions.

So someone tell me how do you make them listen? Is it going to take another child's life before they do something? I really NEED TO KNOW -What is it going to take to make them listen? I bet they'd perk up if I just blew that bastard away.... now wouldn't they?  Of course that isn't going to happen with me 5000 miles and an ocean away if it didn't happen when Mama & I rolled up on that apartment to get Heather's dog Raven and the cat back in 2005. There was a loaded gun in the car with us. Trust me when I say, it took alot of restraint to not use that F*&$#!

I had the perfect opprotunity yet again to take him out and I didn't do it.
 Now that's twice I've let him live...

I guess it's just not in me to kill or sit back and just let someone die~~~

Monday, October 25, 2010

So it's October

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So here we are already into October 2010.

Some days it feels like yesterday. Some days is feels like it's happening now
and then some days, I forget- pick up the phone call her and this recording tells me the number is incorrect.... I guess Nextel decided not to use that number any more.

Sorry I haven't updated this blog since Easter but so much other in my crazy world has happened and so little relating to this has been going on. I have hesitated to blog about all the craziness in my little world.

I did blog a bit on Butterflies in the dark... had too.

I'm just so tired, I have given so much thought and work into the Network, but i really just don't know what I am doing with it. It has so many features and this and that- Hell, never claimed to know anything about running a network. It was fine as long and they were doing most of the work- Now I need some help or away it has to go. I simply can't pay for something that I'm not utilizing nor is getting me much traffic to the Network. It's a waste of what little money I have. Social Security Disability doesn't give you much to live on so thankfully I have some who loves me that provides me with a place to stay.

Anyway, I had pretty much decided this was all truly a waste of time and effort and tears... because it has gotten us NO WHERE-

Hell, I spoke, yes emailed also but I SPOKE to Diane Dimond ((months before she suddenly got famous)) and she's supposed to be this great advocate for women, but what happened?

After accusing me in writing of the worst form of Child Abuse; I was accused of "running off to Hawaii to avoid paying child support" yeah right.... whole other story in my twisted world-

So you know me I had to correct this "person"

I e mailed her when I read this "story" and she did answer me very bitterly and claiming this was a matter of record and that- well yes, but Why not call ME and ask ME who you are using as and "EXAMPLE” in a story that had NOTHING TO DO WITH ME... before you go and splatter my name in print all over the flipping Internet. And how dare she compare a measly "judgment of $11,000" to My being owed over $100,000 and possibly a murder???

I told her to go read my blogs and e mailed her documents. Thinking, wow she did this story without this much to go on. She's going to take HR's Story and run with it.... boy was I EVER WRONG

She read my blogs said she was sorry about "my loss" but there was nothing she could do for me. She hoped we got answers soon.

So this is why I choose to just forget it. Unless there's money to be made for these people they don't really care- All she cares about is selling her book. Nancy Grace- She's a disgrace to all women with her higher than mighty attitude and I have begged that show to help. They ran the same footage over and over for months and I gave them a story and one of her producers told me it wasn't juicy enough. They only want garbage not real people needing help.

A few months ago, sometime in the spring, I was approached by a reporter in Alexandria and told I want to do your story for SWEEPS week, I was hesitant but hopeful. He asked me to wait the weekend & he'd know more on Monday after approaching his bosses with all the information I had given him. I poured my heart out to this man, who I thought was really going to try to help us. Remember, He contacted Me!

Then was told they want nothing to do with it, "it's more suited to a 48 hours type show or something that can give it ample time" & the reporter was told to "stay away from that story" Then I believe a few weeks later he was looking for another job???


All I wanted was a couple seconds of airtime to say hey Pineville/ Ball / Alexandria~~~

A girl was found dead her in her estranged father home and he owed her $90K+ in unpaid child support that she was trying to get through an attorney. She had no reason to be there, she had a job and a home in another state and no body knew he had taken her.

So the manner my daughter died we will never really know how he did it, she had 3 days worth of those drugs in her system, nobody is going to tell me he wasn't slowly poisoning my baby with a pitcher of lethal tea.

Now I am babbling and sad and miss so much.

If I had one wish it would be to turn back the clock to October night Michael had taken the very same combination of pills, I wish I had packed mine & Heather's bags and had gotten into the car and just kept driving until I got anywhere but as far away from Denver as I could and just let him die, why didn't I?

I ask myself every day since he killed Heather, WHY???

Why didn't I just let him die when I had the chance...

WHY? did he have to kill her? She loved life so much, all she wanted was a father to love her

WHY? did all these people lie over and over and over

WHY? wouldn't DHS ever help me enforce my child support orders?

WHY? did they let this happen?

WHY? Is everyone still turning their backs on her? She deserves better than this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Network Online Store

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One last Chance to keep our network online and running.
Please visit the store today & PLEASE help us keep searching for answers....


Thanks again for those who have helped.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another April Shower

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Happy Ostara, Easter, Spring Equinox.... However you celebrate Spring's arrival, ENJOY!

Ostara Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Today is about new beginings or so they tell us.
The world over is chasing eggs, stuffing thier tiny mouths with as much chocolate and foil as it will allow. Rejoicing in the beauty of the day.
Picnics and parties, rabbits and chicks and getting easter grass sucked up in the vacume cleaner.
It all brings back memories of days gone by; The years when the kids were little and it was fun to get together and cook out, hide eggs and enjoy the kids laughter as they chased each other across the yard in search of eggs.

I remember, "Someone" letting out the cows and Heather-Renee' claiming they climbed over the fence to get out and was very convincing for a 7 year old.
 The guys hiding eggs in the tree house then forgetting them for a few weeks.... eww..
Seeing the face of a young child light up when they find a prize in the egg! Money!! 
Waking up to find the Easter Bunny had left candy & eggs all over the house and even outside!!
I have such great memories of Easters Past.

My hope for them today is to continue to have fun, enjoy these holidays they only come around once a year.  Enjoy them while they last...

And the best part?
I can wear white again!!

Happy Spring!
See, all my posts aren't doom & gloom....

Thanks again for reading this far!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My March Madness

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4 long years,and 6 months later and still no answers only more questions.

More insight, more information.
Things are a little clearer to me and I am getting a better picture of how I think things went down. Those last 3 days.

Purely speculation on my part, but I think Heather had been hiding from Michael for several days and I KNOW she tried to have someone come get her on Wed. She was stuck there. Alone with no one to call. We know now she had his cell phone. I begged them then to see who she had called. I know she tried to call me.She left me a message. Did she text anyone?

I know now that, that the morning Michael found Heather's body, he took the phone OUT OF HER DEAD HAND and called backed the person who she called, demanding to know what Heather wanted when she called. THEN told the person that Heather was dead.
I don't remember seeing that tib bit of information in any police report.
The cops didn't know she had the cell phone in her hand Michael claimed he didn't touch her, just called 911.
He's trained in CPR from working at the Youth camp, why didn't he even try??? on his very own daughter!! I asked to hear the 911 call, I was told NO and then I filed a FOI with nothing to this day. I have written repeatedly over the last 4 1/2 years.

So here we are March 16, 2010 and still they have not held him acountable in her death.

 That house was littered with prescription drugs and sample bottles, how is it that no one thought this strange? or does everyone in Louisiana have a quart size bottle of percocet on thier refrigerator and wellbuterin sample bottles all over the house? All these bottles where in HIS possession and none found near Heather...

All the drugs found in her system were HIS the only thing she had that was hers was a metabolite of the anti-depressant she had just started taking a week earlier. She had NO ALCOHOL in her system not even metabolites..
Which means she had NOT been drinking as he had claimed!

WHY?? Would they still believe him after so many lies??

The one drug that caused her death is amitriptyline, did you know that 750mg of this drug will KILL YOU?? well, neither did I until now. They hand this drug out like candy to kids and it is LETHAL and by the way it is also contradicted in antihistamine use it can cause DEATH...

Heather had traces of antihistamine in her system, it was mid September, now why would she be taking allergy medicine?

My opinion but She certainly didn't take his medication on her own.

This drug is easily dissolved in water and leaves no trace behind. She had 3 days worth of metabolites in her system and greater than 5000ng per mil in her blood on toxicology.
That's enough to kill a 250lb MAN!
So how did she get such a high level of the drug when she only had access to say 30 25mg pills? and why would she have metabolites of this drug if it was all taken at one time?

I can go on and on ... but I need to stop for the day

Thanks for listening, well reading this far. One day I will have the answers I seek.

He will pay one way or another, of this I am sure. I hope his dreams are filled will her face wanting to know why and I hope he sees her around every corner and every waking moment is filled with fear that I am getting closer to the truth and he will pay dearly.

This fear is what lead him to attempt suicide with the very drugs he used on my daughter.
The only problem is I saved his sorry ass... I sat in our kitchen and listened to him choke on his own vomit and I remember the smell of death hovering over my head..

Why didn't I just sit there and wait a few more minutes longer.. 10 more just 10 more and he would have been out of our lives forever...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Seriously Facebook?! Again??

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Quote Friendster Comments
Quote Comments

Hi Leyona,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. If you believe that there is content on this account which infringes your intellectual property rights, please visit the following Help Center page for more information:

In order to further assist you with your request, we will need to receive a valid subpoena or court order. Additionally, please be aware that there are situations where we may be unable to retrieve the information that you have requested due to technical limitations.

You should contact a lawyer or your local law enforcement agency and discuss this issue with them. If you decide to pursue legal action, please have the lawyer or officer contact us at the following address:

Once they contact us, we will be able to communicate with them regarding the issue.


User Operations

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Facebook! NOT AGAIN..

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Here we go again with FACEBOOK they still; 9 months later have Heather's original page held HOSTAGE.. we have been fighting fulitly to get SOMEONE to answer us to WHY?
Still the same garbage... PRIVACY? Who's?? certainly not Hers, or mine.
This page belongs TO ME not FACEBOOK.. I need to contact the ACLU today.
They leave up stupid groups, and let people impersonate whomever
but the one page that could mean so much.
I was just finding the people who she had last been with that last week and they shut down the page, How is that possible?

SOMEONE REPORTED THE PAGE: (their claim: I was impersonating her)

So here's another round of begging pleading and threatening FACEBOOK
and still we get NOWHERE!

PLEASE if you are her friend on the original page add the FAN PAGE and the group.
there are over 300 people on her page that have not swithched over. Please do so before I loose you all. I am adding people every day. As many as Facebook will allow me. The majority of my friends are friends of the kids. I wasn't even using Facebook for myself until this happened.
Now on to my note to them this morning..

After 3 e mails back & forth between the FB Mystery People and My mother:

His response was a repeated canned,"Sorry, We can do nothing for you; please see our list of how to go fuck yourself... this is my note to "him"


Dear Keith / Facebook Mystery Person

I need back into the account of Heather-Renee' Skarina
I have the password
I have the active email account that it goes to.

Why was this page EVER taken from me to begin with?
I have NEVER been given an real reason.
There is NO BREACH OF PRIVACY other than Facebook taking my access away on Christmas DAY 2008 ....
You took it away NOW GIVE IT BACK, how hard can that be?
or At least switch all her friends over to the FAN PAGE...

We are in the middle of a MURDER INVESTIGATION and this page was a way for me to get in touch with all of my daughter's friends. They do NOT KNOW ME BY NAME. and I live 5000 Miles away..
As soon as I found certain few people the page got shut down out of the blue....

There are other pages and groups that are all BS pages and you leave them up
but something so important as to get CLUES TO A MURDER you take away my access and tell me it's a
privacy issue?? WHO's PRIVACY are you protecting?
Certainly not mine nor Heather-Renee's
by not allowing me to move COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS from the account. This is mine and I want it back.

I suppose I will contact my friends with the ACLU and see where to go from here.
that along with our attorney and the media.

I want access to this account returned ASAP.
Thank you mother for all your help.

Leyona Goldman
Natural Mother and next of kin of The Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
Honolulu, HI 96825

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Light a Candle say a Prayer

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2005

My daughter was taken from her home in Vicksburg, MS by another and they kept her for several days; drugged.
September 16, 2005 She went to Alexandria Mall and went shopping. Spent over $100 and left the store. (no video) (RPSD was advised to get Mall video but I was never informed if it was ever obtained.)
September 17, 2005 after she begged Police twice for help they did nothing.
Aprox 0530 RPSD/ Ball Patrol officer Wayne Clark put my daughter in a patrol car and dropped her off to die.
The next morning on September 18, 2005 she lay lifeless in the floor of an apartment in Ball, LA with her "sleeping father" less than 10 feet away. He heard nor saw NOTHING all night.. a 10 year old child found her at 7am and
walks out of the room with her laying there with blood on her face and hands.
He did NOTHING, went back & watched cartoons while his father was "sleeping" beside him.
September 18, 2005 aprox 1010 am Heather's body is "discovered" by Michael he calls 911 for "medical assistance, person unresponsive"
I have ask repeatedly for this recording but have been told no, and FOI request ignored.

So for 4 years he has hid behind the badge of law enforcement and still walks freely today.
Would you want a MURDER living next to you?
Disguised as a law enforcement officer? This is what is happening in Ball, LA.

She begged them for help and they helped kill her.
Read more @ The strange DEATH OF HEATHER-RENEE' SARAH

Today September 13, 2009 we still have no answers to the questions we have asked. REPEATEDLY.

This will mark 4 long years and we still have very few answers.
Please continue to help us and share this on your profile this week and please ask others too.
If you have not PLEASE:

Join the Justice For Heather-Renee Network

Grunge Angel at

Sign the petition

Spread the word.... (SHARE)

With Warmest love & light,

In Loving Lasting Memory of my beloved daughter;
Heather-Renee' Sarah Skarina may she rest in everlasting peace.
My love for you will never falter and my quest for answers will not fail. One day we will be heard and the world will know your name.
Mama's love forever, to my sweet Butterfly Angel.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Will anyone really EVER help us?

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Myspace Comments from

Today is just another day of hitting the WALL:

I have been victimized, by the very people who were/are supposed to be helping me.

It's very sad when you have to fight the people that are suppose to be fighting FOR you.

I begged for help over the years, I even had a warrant out about 10 or so years ago for all the good it did me, he lived less than 3 miles away for over a year and they did nothing to enforce my warrant or order. They told me to get pictures of him I did it, I did all the work and gave him to them on a silver platter and it did me no good.
The one time I got a tax return he quit his job and started getting paid under the table.
We drove back and forth going to court in LA for nothing when I finally got him served, he nor his attorney showed up..
Then Robert Levy, ADA let him go.. with us sitting there; he just dropped the motion.(I think he owed me something like $30-40,000 or more at the time and they took 5 years of support away from me) Why we have no idea.
In a matter of moments we went from "burying him under the jail" to all charges dropped.. WTF?
My mother and I drove home in shock... after I almost went to jail for coming across the table to choke this man... what happened when he sent us into the courtroom? Who got to him?
This turns out to be the very same Robert Levy who now is the DA and he ran as fast as he could to recuse himself and protect the DA's office from prosecution by filing some garbage paperwork. Then the JOKE that is the Louisiana "Justice" Department stepped in and drug out the statute of limitations so we were not given the RIGHT to sue for wrongful death.

So what you see in my blogs is just the tip of the iceberg. This story would make for a great movie someday. No one believe it was fact. but it is every painful bit of it.

This man even seduced a young girl who I considered as my own daughter and drove a wedge between us. Hell, he even talked to her BEFORE ME, after Heather died and has never to this day told me how our daughter came to be at his home so far from anyone she knew and die...

He knew how to hurt me by taking people I love away from me, he did it when I was young with my friends and continued to do it when he could.

By taking Heather he did the ultimate hurt because I still have to live every day without her.

I seem to be rambling on now and I apologize. This is just so baffling to me and I am wondering just how much longer do I have to fight and beg for some help?

25+ years and counting but I will never give up, I just get tired

Someone must listen... I can not be the only one out here fucked over by Rapides Parish and DHS in both Mississippi and Louisiana...

Heather deserved her money and why should it just disappear, like it was never owed?
It is now a part of her Estate.. he OWES her!

When he was served to show up to hear the disposition of her life insurance, his attorney (Judge Lee) sent a letter wanting to know HOW MUCH $$$$...was involved...we declined to answer & he didn't show up.. typical
This is the very same day we went to LA to get the dog & the rest of her belongings. He actually stole the little bit of money out of HR's purse... We demanded it be returned all $5 and change...
How can you STEAL from the DEAD?

Now I get this CHILD, who I believe is his sister's daughter trying to tell me she was so close to Heather and even called her "REY" !
Come on.. Everyone who knows HR knew she had 5 names but "Rey" wasn't one of them. Then she proceeds to tell me to "Apologize to her father and take down this mess"... ROFLMAO!
This man is a MURDERER...
I will never apologize for trying to make him held accountable for taking away the one thing that meant the most to me and He's been doing it my entire life...

Now I find he is trying to get a military medical discharge and banking on Retirement... IF so I WANT HEATHER'S MONEY and this time he can't hide his earnings away...

Can anyone help me figure out HOW to get a judgement enforced?

Myspace Comments from

Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeking an Attorney...

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Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2009 11:42 AM
Subject: Seeking a attorney

This message is for Mr. Gary Koederitz,

Dear Mr. Koederitz,

Please reference my messages below to Mr. T. Wahlder and his response back to me. We seem to running into barricade after barricade with no help or assistance from anyone. I read your website and it gave me a measure of hope that perhaps you may be the one person who can help us. There was never "any news coverage" of my granddaughters death, not a word. The newspaper "The Town Talk, Alexandria, LA " agrees the entire case was not only mishandled but there are just too many issues with too many levels of authority involved that they simply cannot risk the political aftermath if they pursued any coverage now.

If the facts surrounding Heathers death and chain of events that occurred were ever to come to light, public outcry would be massive. Of course we are still in shock and in grief but more than anything we simply want honest answers. To think that one level of authority would recluse themselves due to the mishandling of lower levels time after time and then drop the case "due to lack of evidence" is not only shockingly wrong, it is a miscarriage of justice, and unfair to the victim and the family.

They say that time has a way of healing, no one can heal when justice is not served and lives are taken with no one to answer or stand accountable. Michael David Skarina was instrumental in his involvement of the death of his natural daughter and the authorities in LA have allowed this to happen. We need your help desperately. Please take the time to google Heather Renee Skarina, Michael David Skarina and Leyona Goldman (Heathers mother-my daughter). You will be astounded at what you read.

I so appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to your response. Please copy my daughter ( with your response.

Thank you in advance for helping us.

Carol Goldman

Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 11:56 AM
To: Gary P. Koederitz
Cc: Leyona Goldman
Subject: Seeking a attorney
Importance: High

Please would someone forward this email to Mr. Koederitz for me and acknowledge receipt of this so I know he did receive it. I would so appreciate your thoughtfulness in doing this for me. I also erred in my message and said we were looking for a "Pro Bono attorney" we are not, we are seeking a "contingency attorney". I believe I have stated that correctly this time.

Thank you in advance for responding back to me.
Carol Goldman

Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: Seeking a attorney

Carol: I am sorry for your loss, and I am sorry that I cannot assist you with the case. You might want to obtain phone numbers of the local bar associations for Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, etc. and try them. Many such organizations, including Baton Rouge, maintain a referral service listing attorneys interested in certain types of cases. I wish you luck with everything.

Gary P. Koederitz
Koederitz Law Firm, LLC
8702 Jefferson, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Tel. 225-928-9111
Fax 225-926-7117


Mr. Koederitz,

Truthfully, I had to walk away from the computer when I read your response to me. I simply could not believe my eyes were reading the words you had written. For you to dismiss me by telling me to get a phone book is unbelievable. You then reference that Baton Rouge maintains a referral service listing attorneys who might be interested. Finally you close "wishing me luck". To say I was rendered speechless is to put it mildly.

Did you even take the time to read Mr. Wahlders response and suggestion to me below. If you had you would have saw where her suggested I contact the "The Louisiana Association for Justice" for help. I immediately googled their site and within a few strokes of the keyboard I find you.

Your resume is extensive and impressive. Member of the Baton Rouge Bar Association, "Louisiana Association for Justice", American Association for Justice, and served on the Board of Governors of the Louisiana Association for Justice for several years, to list just a few of your numerous attributes.

Now exactly what are you telling me, "you simply have no suggestions nor can offer any assistance". How can that possibly be? Exactly what is the LA. Assoc for Justice doing? Or for that matter Am Assoc. for Justice? Do they just have a fancy title and get funded mega bucks for office space and clerical assistance to do nothing? I'm just a simple person with a simple education and yet I know when something smells to high heaven and isn't right. These agencies hawk their willingness to provide assistance and help you find justice, but when you reach out to them they slam doors in your face or dismiss you with insincere words of sympathy and send you away.

The exact agencies I was referred to, you are a highly respected member of. Why would you dismiss me so frivolously and with no substantial reason nor any effort what so ever to provide assistance? Surely you are not that callous and uncaring a person. You possess the ability and have the connections and means to help us, why won't you. Even though you do not personally know me, the case alone should perk the spark in you that demands such wrongs be made right. Isn't that what all your oaths make reference to?

I'm begging you to reconsider and help us. We have been steadfast in our quest to seek help in finding answers, hold accountable those who either hindered or covered up facts as well as those who contributed to the death of our beloved granddaughter (and daughter). So many simply are not willing to face the hurdles (political or career) and help us. It isn't because there is no case, it's due to fear, repercussions, heat from where ever, in short the pot is boiling and no one wants to go near it. That doesn't make it right, Mr. Koederitz, it makes it tragic (for us). Because now not only is our Heather a victim but we have become victims as well.

I anxiously awaiting hearing back from you, one way or the other. I need to know you did receive this message.

Thank you for listening and responding.
Carol Goldman

Mr. Koederitz,

I realize you are a busy man. I have however patiently been waiting for a reply from you. It has been ten (10 days) since you received my email below. Would you please respond back to me. I am very confused that you offer me no assistance nor definite direction for seeking assistance. Every association you are a member of "professes to be one that reaches out to help those in need of legal assistance". Yet, you dismiss me with no reason given nor provide me with information as to who can assist me.

I realize you do not have to personally help us. But, I do not believe I am overstepping in my continued request for you to provide us with accurate information on who we can contact to help us. Please respond to my request below. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

Carol Goldman
cc: Leyona Goldman

Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 12:58 PM
Subject: RE: Request and response

I do not wish to represent you, and I am sorry but I have no further suggestions.

Gary P. Koederitz
Koederitz Law Firm, LLC
8702 Jefferson, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Tel. 225-928-9111
Fax 225-926-7117

Rules for conduct?

Today I have a few e mails to share, this is my response to several e mails from this man to my mother.
We are still attempting to get an attorney to help us and can find no one. Even Gloria Alred turned me down. Well, at least one of her junior attorneys did. It was a shot in the dark... ok? I'm not ruling anyone out just yet.

I will not give up the hope that we will find someone willing to take on the slimeball political family in Rapides Parish, La
How can someone be so rude? He's supposed to help those who can't help themself... I think he needs to find a new job personally, but then again he is why attorneys have such a bad reputation.
After reading his emails to my mother I was so upset I looked for this man & found this "creed" belonging to the group he is a member of... seems he forgot his "oath" so I reminded him.....

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Louisiana Association for Justice Lawyer's Creed

I. I revere the Law, the Civil Justice System, and the profession, and I pledge that in my private and professional life, and in my dealings with fellow members of the Bar, I will uphold the dignity and respect of each in my behavior toward others.

II. In all dealings with fellow members of the Bar, I will be guided by a fundamental sense of integrity and fair play; I know that effective advocacy does not mean hitting below the belt.

III. I will not abuse the Civil Justice System or the Profession by pursuing or opposing discovery through arbitrariness or for the purpose of harassment or undue delay.

IV. I will not seek accommodation from a fellow member of the Bar for the rescheduling of any Court setting or discovery unless a legitimate need exists. I will not misrepresent conflicts, nor will I ask for accommodation for the purpose of tactical advantage or undue delay.

V. In my dealings with the Court and my fellow counsel, as well as others, my word is my bond.

VI. I will readily stipulate the undisputed facts to avoid needless cost and inconvenience to any party and will work with opposing counsel to reduce the expense of litigation.

VII. I recognize that my conduct is not governed solely by the Rules of Professional Conduct, but also by standards of fundamental decency and courtesy.

VIII. I will strive to be punctual in communications with others and in honoring scheduled appearances, and I will recognize that neglect and tardiness are demeaning to me and to the Profession.

IX. If a fellow member of the Bar makes a just request for cooperation, or seeks scheduling accommodation, I will not arbitrarily or unreasonably withhold consent.

X. I recognize that effective advocacy does not require antagonistic or obnoxious behavior, and as a member of the Bar, I pledge to adhere to the higher standard of conduct which we, our clients, and the public may rightfully expect.

Seems to me, Mr Koederitz that you have forgotten these.. ...

You are the most rude an obnoxious person I have had the displeasure of being in contact with.

I hope you never have a child be ripped from your life and treated with such disrespect.
My mother reached out to you and you basically blow her off without so much as
"sorry for your loss" My guess is you didn't read anything pertaining to this case.
You are also involved in some way.... could that be the reason for your harshness and
disregard for my mothers feelings or is it that lawyers such as yourself just want all the "glory" of having a trail of groups you are a member of to make yourself look far more important than you are?

You should clearly rethink your membership in a group that you pledge to conduct yourself in a certain manner then do the complete opposite.

Shame on you and may you never experience the heartbreak and frustration we have.

I look forward to posting your e mails on my blog for everyone to see and read, hopefully it will trickle down to your clients.. if you have any; considering your rudeness and lack of compassion.

One day we will be heard and it will be national news and your name will be on the list right under the Alexandria Town Talk and every other person in La that has stood in my way to the truth behind my daughters MURDER. Yes she was murdered in your state by a sheriffs deputy and covered up by the police and DA... my daughter begged on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION to be away from that man...and did the police help her?! NO!!.. he drove her to die.. in a police car and left her crying... LESS than 24 hours later she was DEAD....with no formal "time of death" They are responsible for her death and It will come to light with or without your help.

It's a shame you have no desire to help us, but I know there is someone out there that will.


Heather deserved better than this and If it is the last thing I do I will not have what happened to her happen to any other child whose father refuses to pay support and goes to such great lengths as tax evasion, skipping about the country and eventually even murder to avoid supporting his child. LA helped him every step of the way.... for 25 years they stood in my way and still are to this day.

This has to end, someone must listen. Is Louisiana corruption so ramped that no one has any morals anymore? Is there not a decent lawyer in the state?
I'll find someone, without your help.

I do not wish for you to represent us in anyway and keep your suggestions to contact the bar...
in 3 years you honestly think we haven't contacted the BAR???
You obviously did not read the original email. I can only hope you've read thus far.

Thank you for you time, you obviously feel it is more important than other peoples time.
Sorry to inform you but my time is just as valuable; even if I don't charge by the minute.

You were a waste of Mother's time, I'm sorry she contacted you in the first place, but what do you expect when you contact those who are SUPPOSED TO HELP YOU?
certainly not this, but live and learn.

Thank you for not helping,

Leyona Goldman
Mother of the Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
who was murdered in Louisiana by cooperative efforts of the city of BALL, Rapides Parish Sheriff's office and the DA along with Michael D Skarina on September 18, 2005