Friday, July 1, 2011

What's it going to take?

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Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I updated my blog. So much has happened since I last posted.
The closer it gets to her birthday the harder the days seem to be. Heather would have been 28 years old this year. Hard to imagine. Her "little" sister is now older than she.. which is a bit unnerving at times. She would probably have a child and be married or FAMOUS as she was convinced she would be. She wanted the world to know her name. One day this will happen I am sure of it. I may lay low for a few months but don't think it's because I've given up. That is never going to happen. As long as I am breathing I will continue to seek answers and continue to flood the Internet with anything I can to make people take notice. Same day this will land into the hands of the one person who will care enough and have the right influence to help us get the justice Heather so richly deserves.
I appreciate all the new signatures on the petition & new friends on Facebook!!(* Thank you so much Jayelle!!! you my dear are an angel on earth.)

Things are brewing I can feel it. The last few months have been a whirl wind of craziness. Somethings I can share - others, well I need to be careful how much I share, mostly because I don't want to loose what little ground I may have gained.
There was an incident in the fall & Michael was arrested for "cruelty to a juvenile" of course, I called the police department in LA  to find out more. I was transferred no less than 3 times each time trying to explain my concern for Christopher's safety. I was pretty much in tears by the time I actually got the investigating  officer on the phone. He assured me they would "pull the old file" and look further into this. I told him one child is already dead & I don't want the same thing to happen to Chris. I called back many more times over the course of a month & still don't know if they really "did" anything. The officer was always conveniently out on patrol & still to this day has not called me back. I have no doubt they dismissed me yet AGAIN... I'm sure this guy thought I was a lunatic on the phone. He was supposedly "new". What?- Sure I believed him & the leprechauns too. 
So, I forwarded the news blurp I found to both The Reporter & to Diane Dimond; To let them know that he'd been arrested for abusing Christopher & that this wasn't the only time they had gone to the residence for fights between the two of them. Again I was ignored.. not a word from either of them. I know Ms. D is a busy woman with Michael Jackson's death & all.... then the whole Caylee disappearance & murder. Heather's case has just gotten over shadowed by Hurricaine Katrina, then Hurricaine Rita and so on... but our turn is coming!! I refuse to give up hope. I know there is going to be someone who can do something.

The last few weeks I can't seem to think of much else, the strangest things pop into my head. So many questions, not enough real answers. Only more questions.

So someone tell me how do you make them listen? Is it going to take another child's life before they do something? I really NEED TO KNOW -What is it going to take to make them listen? I bet they'd perk up if I just blew that bastard away.... now wouldn't they?  Of course that isn't going to happen with me 5000 miles and an ocean away if it didn't happen when Mama & I rolled up on that apartment to get Heather's dog Raven and the cat back in 2005. There was a loaded gun in the car with us. Trust me when I say, it took alot of restraint to not use that F*&$#!

I had the perfect opprotunity yet again to take him out and I didn't do it.
 Now that's twice I've let him live...

I guess it's just not in me to kill or sit back and just let someone die~~~

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