Friday, January 11, 2008

The MuchLoved is still down

Dear Leyona,

I am writing to update you on progress following the serious server problem
that happened at the weekend by our hosting partner. I also want to
apologise again for the continuing downtime for which I am deeply sorry.

The initial problem was a misconfiguration of our server by our hosting
partner, however it is taking considerable time to resolve and we have had
unacceptably slow service by our host in carrying out their necessary
maintenance work.

In conjunction with our technical team I have therefore taken the decision
to move our hosting partner as soon as possible to Server Intellect
(, a company we already have a relationship with and
who are also a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

This does mean that the downtime will be considerably longer than hoped as
this transfer requires considerable work and we will have a message on our
homepage later today giving more details on this. I am
afraid that my technical team can only commit to a date of Friday 25th
January at this moment in time to complete this transfer. We fully
appreciate that the downtime will already have caused a loss of confidence
in our service and, however disappointing this news, we do not want to
announce any revised date that we can not keep to.

The alternative was to resume service on our current host (which we have
used without problem or concern for the last year) by early next week. Due
to the serious nature of the problem that incurred last weekend however,
which has highlighted problems in their systems and service response, I just
felt that before we went live again we had to be totally sure that we could
not suffer a repeat problem. I ask for your patience as a result of making
this decision which I am sure is in the long term interests of all our

I will email you again mid next week with progress and I have asked my
technical team to also update the homepage message with details of progress
with the hosting transfer every few days,

With sincere apologies once more,

[Leyona - I'm particularly sorry as I know your tribute is linked to your
online story and so these further delays will be very frustrating for you.
Our current host has been reliable for the last year but the server problem
has really concerned me as to their processes and systems and I can't risk
any future problems as your tributes are so important to you. I hope you can
bear with us whilst we make the change and massive apologies again - jon]

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Information Highway?

Well, today finds me disappointed in some. I just don't understand when I open my e mail to a bunch of bullshit forwards but nothing that is important. Occasionally I will get something that touches me. Or makes me laugh. Then I will share it.

When you get something important, something that could change the course of the future What do you do?

It's so amazing that I get crap that tells me if I don't repost this I will be forever cursed from having good sex or a boyfriend for the next 12 years...

But something so important that, it could change LIVES, that gets blown off and discarded.
I understand this is not something anyone else would do. Most people would just give up and go on. BUT I am not most people and I know in my heart I am right.

Heather did NOTHING TO HARM HERSELF. Face it she was way too conceeded. She loved herself too too much. And anyone who knew her knows this.

I guess I figured if close to 5000 people joined a stupid group where he will "change his name" if so many join then WHAT THE HELL Heather's group should be HUGE!

What if this were your daughter, your son or a Parent, wouldn't you want to know the truth?
That's all I want is the TRUTH, they lied to me from the very beginging and are still lying today.

All I am asking for is a little help here.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

MuchLoved, update

Leyona - I've just spoken to the technical team for an update and I'm afraid
it is likely to be another 24 hours before we can bring the site up live
again. Can I apologise again for this and I will contact you Monday
afternoon (our time) with news.
Thank you for your patience whilst we sort out the technical problem.
I appreciate it is really annoying and we will be back up as soon as
regards, jon

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2008 9:12 PM
Subject: Unable to access page

> Good morning Jonathan,
> Hope your new year was wonderful.
> I have gotten a few people telling me the site is not working. Today, I am
> also unable to get to the page.
> It gives a HTTP Bad Request message.
> Let me know if there is a problem. The memorial page is linked to the
> online story.
> Thanks!!
> Leyona


I made a new Group on FACEBOOK! Please join and ask others to join also!

Justice for Heather-Renee'


MuchLoved Site is not working

Today the link to the memorial site is not working, sent an e mail to the admin.
We'll see what happens..

Damn I hope the site isn't gone.. I uploaded sooooo much information and it is linked to the story online at WeSawThat

**My horoscope warned me of electronical problems this month..... damn computers can't live without them and I manage to KILL THEM constantly or at least mame them

I'll keep trying & let you know