Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Information Highway?

Well, today finds me disappointed in some. I just don't understand when I open my e mail to a bunch of bullshit forwards but nothing that is important. Occasionally I will get something that touches me. Or makes me laugh. Then I will share it.

When you get something important, something that could change the course of the future What do you do?

It's so amazing that I get crap that tells me if I don't repost this I will be forever cursed from having good sex or a boyfriend for the next 12 years...

But something so important that, it could change LIVES, that gets blown off and discarded.
I understand this is not something anyone else would do. Most people would just give up and go on. BUT I am not most people and I know in my heart I am right.

Heather did NOTHING TO HARM HERSELF. Face it she was way too conceeded. She loved herself too too much. And anyone who knew her knows this.

I guess I figured if close to 5000 people joined a stupid group where he will "change his name" if so many join then WHAT THE HELL Heather's group should be HUGE!

What if this were your daughter, your son or a Parent, wouldn't you want to know the truth?
That's all I want is the TRUTH, they lied to me from the very beginging and are still lying today.

All I am asking for is a little help here.

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