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Dear Facebook,

DECMBER 31, 2008

Dear Sir(s) or Madam(s):

I am writing this in the hope that someone will respond back and assist us. Should this letter need to be forwarded to someone else at "facebook" please forward it and copy both my daughter and myself, so we know who the correct individual(s) are we need to be communicating with.

My granddaughter was taken from us tragically and unexpectantly 9/18/05. The events leading up to her untimely death and subsequent happenings has brought her family unimaginable pain and grief.

Her name is "Heather Renee Skarina".
In searching for the truth and the hope of finding friends who may have been in contact with her prior to her untimely death, my daughter, (Heather's natural mother) Leyona R. Goldman created a "facebook page" in Heathers name. Leyona is Heather's immediate next of kin, she is the owner of the page and responsible for all entries on the page.
Leyona is the only person who has the password for the site.

Not a day goes by that we are not in hopes that someone will see the "facebook page" and reach out to us. Leyona has been relentless and dedicated to getting the message out of Heathers death in the hopes that new connections will provide us with some answers.
Leyona worked endlessly ensuring if Heathers name was "googled" there would be links to all the sites. I cannot begin to describe the horrible pain and agony when on Christmas eve, Leyona discovered Heathers "facebook page" had disappeared. For some unknown reason the site was removed to "protect the owner"? Leyona is the owner of the page, she is the next of kin, she created the account, Heather is deceased. How awful for our family that for some reason someone at "facebook" took it upon theirselves to remove the site and lock out the creator of the site. We simply do not understand your reasoning for this action.
There was absolutely no notification that the action was going to take place.

Finding someone to actually talk to at "facebook" is impossible, emails from "facebook" are vague and make no sense in explaining the action that was taken. We are left with feelings of total confusion and devastation.

I am Heather's maternal grandmother and Administratrix of her estate.
I am not the computer guru that Leyona is.

If my being Heathers Administratrix and I give my permission for this site to be created will you put everything back as it was? I am more than willing to provide you with a notarized copy of the court order naming me as Heather's Administratrix and a notarized letter authorizing my daughter Leyona Goldman to create and maintain the "facebook page". Any other documents you may want to support the fact that Leyona is Heather's natural mother will also be provided (birth certificate etc..) upon your request.

Please help us. The actions "facebook" has taken is so emotionally devastating to us and we are begging you to undo them. "Facebook" has been an answer to our prayers and we cannot lose this thread of hope. I am begging someone, anyone at "facebook" to help.
I am including all contact information for both Leyona and myself and anxiously await someone replying back that this issue can be resolved and fixed.
I will be eternally grateful for your assistance. Please do not have someone just write a short note and say "it cannot be done". Please provide us with information to fix this issue.

With greatest sincere "thanks for your help",

Carol Goldman (maternal grandmother of Heather Renee Skarina)

Leyona Goldman (natural mother of Heather Renee Skarina)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Has anyone else seen something like this?!

Facebook Login

Account Inaccessible
This account is in a special memorial state. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Yeah right they have denied access to the people who knew her and loved her
Will everyone else please write Facebook and ask them to give me back my account for
Heather-Renee' Skarina
July 8, 1983 - September18,2005
This was my account and they took it away and I have no idea why?

Now Facebook, how much more am I supposed to take?

Facebook has taken away Heather's regular page away from me even though I have told them REPEATEDLY that if they would get thier dates straight
SHE WAS ALREADY DEAD... I am the author of that page.
They removed all the links to the pages and all my work..
3 flipping years of working onthis... her pages were on YAHOO! I still have them in my favorites but those pages..
they stay JUST THE WAY THEY ARE! the way she left them..
This was my way of contacting people who may not have heard or known she was gone.
I finally start to weed through and was finding people she worked with and had been with her in the last few days before she disapeared... I have been look ing for 3 years now... I find them and they shut down the fucking page!
CHRISTMAS EVE! not that I care but is't it the flipping holidays when people tend to MISS THOSE THAT ARE GONE THE MOST>>>>>>
WTF could they have been thinking?

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This is my last letter of about 4 in the same amount of days with no response back so I hope they never sleep and I will be thinking moving this all to another venue somehow someway... or just fuck it... doesn't seem to be doing anything other than make me crazier that most of you already think I am... FINE... so I'm crazy, I love it , I relish it... I have a doctors note... so there!

But crazy people are remembered and well behaved women never make history and of course there was that squeeky wheel.....

I may just put it all here, every picture, every police report... eveything...
maybe I just get my own domaine.... hmmm

I try to tell myself (daily) and others, that out of all bad there is SOME good... you just have to look for it..or twist it to suit your need...
this is bad, but there is some good in here somewhere...... I'm detirmined and have plenty of time on my hands

again with the patience.... it grows thin today

all I can do is cry..

Why can't they just leave well enough alone?

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PS: Does GANNETT CORP Own FACEBOOK or part it??? I'm just asking...

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