Thursday, July 17, 2008

"We are looking into it"

This is my response to yet another e mail from the Alexandria Town Talk, telling us to sit back and wait we're looking into it.

Dear Mr Carty,
Good morning, I appreciate the email and explanations of the deleted ones.

Although, I have spoke to Mr Sean McCrory and was told 6 months ago that the very things you are saying would be done. Now 6 months later you are telling me it is now just being looked into?

I spoke with him at great length at the end of January and was assured a reporter would contact me.

I am still waiting.

Also I believe I also sent the original e mail to you along with the others, and received no response.

So, what you are telling us is that you will or have contacted the other parties, to get their story but you have yet to hear ours in full. You have gotten bits and pieces. Why exactly is no one talking to us? Are the political connections so tight that we are the after thought? Just the ones stirring up the dust?

Forgive me if I seem a bit unconvinced that this email means anything more than putting us off, just a bit longer. This has been done so many times I find it hard to be hopeful that anyone will truly help us. We have been told to sit tight we are investigating, more times than I can count only to find NOTHING has been done or resolved.

It has been almost 3 years since my daughter was found dead in another state in the home of a man who she hated and owed her over $70,000 in child support. The LA DA let him go over & over year after year. LA DHS nor MS DHS did nothing to help. For years I have fought and then when she decided to try to talk to him he killed her to get out of paying and it worked.The child support has disappeared and no one seems to be able to tell me WHY>

The coroners office, what a joke, they sent her body to Lafayette. They took no photographs? No dictation? I believe this to be a LIE, I have worked in the industry and not a body comes in that doesn't get photographed. And to sign off on the death certificate BEFORE the CASE was even partially finished being investigated. Your official state form has a box "UNDER INVESTIGATION" this was the case so why did they certify it so quickly? and according to what we have been told the Coroner answers to the sheriff's Department. hmmm?

We have been lied to by every official that we have talked too. Not one of them has been sympathetic to my daughter's death, they only wanted us to stop asking questions and go away.
They never investigated the "story" that they went out drinking in Marksville. Heather didn't even have bi-products of alcohol in her system, so she hadn't drank in over 3 days, hmmm (another lie, by Michael) I myself called Bailey's and sent pictures to the club and no one claimed to see any of them that night.

It is my belief that He was out looking for her because she wanted to go home, she called a friend to come get her but he couldn't because he was on his way to TX (he's a marine) This was on Thursday or Friday before she died.

She went shopping at your MALL on that Friday night around 6pm. She purchased some clothes at Apostle' they unfortunately do not have in store video. I asked the Mall but the police were SUPPOSED to have requested it but I was never told if they did or did not. Who was she with? what was her demeanor? I believe these are things the police should have been asking.

Her apartment was left a shambles and if she went on her own why wouldn't she take her make-up, hair brush, personal things? Her bathroom was intact. This is a girl who took a blow dryer to the beach for the weekend.

Her car, full of gas sitting in the driveway in VICKSBURG, MS where she lived and worked.

I begged them to check his computers and the cell phone, she had his, she called me and left a message and had this phone for several days. They ignored me.

I got her cell phone back from Michael, it's been erased, everything is gone. I took it to nextel and they told me it was purposely deleted. There isn't even a call in any of the logs. He wiped her phone out. WHY? There were text messages on there to me, I know because I have my copy. I have an old phone that I tried just to see if the stuff went away nope still there after 3 years, call logs everything. Now why would he erase her phone?

So if you are indeed investigating, why not ask us what is missing? why hasn't anyone spoken to us?

I believe there is much more to this story and others are involved. This man is dangerous and persuasive, He himself has yet to tell me how our daughter died in his home.

Good luck, my freedom of information request did nothing for me, hopefully you will be able to get the videos from the patrol cars Initially I was told by Det Stephans that the cars in Ball were NOT EQUIPPED with video or audio. Yet just a few months later one of the very patrol cars caught video of an escaped convict.... now where did that camera come from???

3 persons took crime scene photos at the apartment yet only 14 are available, I suppose they all used the same camera or they each took 4 pictures?

The apt was littered with drugs in the kitchen. living area, but NONE in the room she was in or the bathroom.(The drugs from bottle in the bathroom was not found in her system)

If he was so worried about her taking her life(his words to officers) why have a quart size bottle of percocet on your fridge? Even though this is not what killed her. A massive over dose of Amytriptylin, more than she had access too. Where did the rest of the drugs come from & where did the puncture wound on the inside of her left elbow come from?

Questions, question and more questions, hell they can't even tell WHEN SHE DIED, now come on, if she had only been there a few hours why couldn't they determine time of death.

Again, I greatly appreciate any and ALL help we can get in this matter. I am praying someone will finally listen that isn't connected in someway to this case.

The truth is all we ever wanted, the grand Jury hearing was our only hope and they took it away from us. I have over 130 signatures on a petition for that very hearing. I haven't quite decided when to send a copy to the DA. but soon.

I apologize if I was curt or antagonistic in this email but as you can imagine, in consideration of what I have been through in the last 2 1/2 years, I have no reason to believe anyone at this point in time. I pray this time is different. Thank you for taking time to answer, at least we now know someone is listening.

Respectfully, Leyona Goldman
Natural mother of the Late Heather-Renee' Skarina

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter to the OWNER of The Alexandria Town Talk

After many months of being told they would do a story we are now being ignored by the paper, It seems letters to the editor didn't or haven't worked. So now a letter to the owner of the paper, Gannett Company Inc. I think I may also post this to as a comment...
Although they have been digging around, On July 1, 7, 8, 14 on her birthday they were on for over 13 hours.... now why again won't they call me or return an e mail?
Here's my mother's letter;

Dear Sir /Madam,
This is very lengthy but my hope is that you or someone will take the time to read it through to the end before making a rash decision to delete it or forget it.
For over two years my daughter and I have tried very unsuccessfully to have the Alexandria Town Talk do a story. We have received emails and phone calls telling us a story will be done, then nothing happens. Emails are deleted without being read (we have the notifications from the computer). I personally have written numerous time to all the top executives at "The Town Talk" and requested a simple acknowledgement of our correspondence and receive nothing in response from anyone. Strangely enough the "Town Talk staff" has spent numerous hours on various days visiting the web-sites which relate to the story we have requested they profile. Just recently they accessed the site for 13 hrs in one day. We can verify this.

Why isn't our story being heard and why isn't the Town Talk" responding??


We have strongly supported our claims that the above is truth, we have offered piles of evidence, emails, photos, statements, police reports, doctors statements, letters from family and friends and yet the "Alexandria Town Talk" prefers to sit quietly and ignore us.

Background:September 18, 2005, A young girls life is unexpectantly ended. Heather Renee Skarina (age 22) was taken from her apartment in Vicksburg MS by her estranged natural father Michael David Skarina. He had found out she had retained an attorney to proceed with collection of over $70K in back child support. Michael Skarina had spent 21 years avoiding payment of his child support. Heather both feared and hated him. She referred to him as "my sperm donor". Michael Skarina has/had a history of physical, mental, and emotional abuse towards others. At the age of 18 and drunk he stole a hauling truck, and jack-knifed it across two lanes of traffic. A elderly man was killed and his passenger seriously injured "no charges were filed. He beat his wife (my daughter) hospitalizing her several times (once rupturing her stomach when kicking her) the military choose to send him for Phyc evaluations, then not proceed with further actions. He plead depression and left the military when a garnishment was placed on his income for child support. Then he re-applied to the military via the Army N/G reserves. When my daughter fled home (at our expense and urging) Michael. Skarina came after her and stole tiny infant Heather Renee. After several trips to Colorado to court and a Judge threatening to throw Michael Skarina in jail Heather was returned to her mother. This then led to a lifetime of further mental and emotional abuse for our entire family. The ultimate abuse was taking Heather Renee's life.

On the nights of September 16/17 there were three (3) police reports of domestic violence which evolved Heather Renee and Michael Skarina. On September 18, SUPPOSEDLY, Michaels son Christopher age (10) found his half sister laying on the floor in a pool of blood and covered her with a blanket (he thought she was sleeping), how ludicrous is that? He stated he had looked in on her (3)times and she had not moved. The first officer to arrive was a personal friend and co-worker of Michael Skarina. It was not revealed to us that Michael Skarina was a "Rapides Parish deputy Sheriff until we confronted the authorities. The responding officer was also the man involved in a auto accident which Heather Renee's mother was a passenger and was seriously injured when he was 17 years old. Our insurance company sued his family and he has never forgiven us or forgotten this issue. This also was not revealed to us until I confronted the officer myself.

The case was handled over from the Ball Police Dept. to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's office. We were told Heather Renee was being taken to the coroners office in Lafayette where they had a forensic pathologist who would perform a through autopsy. Remember Katrina had reeked havoc, the coroners office in New Orleans was shut down, Lafayette was handling everything for the state. We were told the coroners office would not and could not issue a death certificate while a investigation into the case was being conducted. Well, a death certificate was issued, with time of death being noted as "found" and cause being noted "suicide". That's because Michael Skarina told the officers "she was despondent and spoke of taking her life". Why if she had only been dead a few hours could not a forensic pathologist take a near approximate time of death? Why were puncture wounds found on her arm not thoroughly tested and investigated? Heather never did drugs, had a horrible fear of needles and doctors letters submitted support this. Why would the authorities completely ignore three letters from private physicians of Heathers who stated in writing "she as not suicidal nor homicidal and would never consider taking her own life"? I asked for received and emailed these letters to the authorities myself. Not once did anyone in law enforcement in LA ever contact anyone to verify the statements made by Michael Skarina? "He was one of their own" that's why.

Oh, I missed a "big fact". Remember I stated the Rapides Sheriff office told us (in a email) the death certificate could not be issued while the case was "open", and the coroners office had to receive notice from the sheriffs office "the case was closed"? Well the corners office as I stated did issue the death certificate and we complained bitterly,loudly and adamantly to every level of authority. Well lo and behold, after numerous calls and investigation on my part, I discovered the "coroners office reports to the Rapides Sheriffs office and follows their directions for issuing a death certificate. How about that for lies and a strong indication something is not right with this.

Why would a officer who responded twice to two of the three incidents the night before her death, fail to take her somewhere safe when she requested him too? Why are we being told no video footage is available for any of the incidents. There is video footage of this same officer stopping and releasing a known escaped convict which made headlines across many states, (we have that link as well).

All the drugs found in Heather belonged to Michael Skarina none to Heather. If she was so despondent why were the drugs not secure? Why did Michael Skarina fail to check on her when he stated she had been in her room for over 28 hours without coming out? Why were there no drinking glasses nor drugs found in the room where she was? They were all in Michael Skarina's living room and his possession. Why would a 22 year old female leave home for a "visit" without her car, no clothes, no makeup, no money, fail to notify any immediate family, leave her job, and go to another state with a man she feared and hated?

After numerous complains about all the lies, inconsistencies, blotched investigations, Rapides Parish Sheriffs office recluse themselves and handed the case over to the District Attorneys office. We were then told to write letters to the grand jury requesting a indictment. We were continuingly receiving emails encouraging us to remain positive and authorities would complete their investigation and we would get a Grand Jury to review the evidence and get a hearing.

Well none of this happened. The case was then given to the Attorney Generals office. I personally drove to LA for a meeting and my daughter was telephone conference in. To our utter astonishment we were informed " there is a lack of evidence so we will be closing the case". Investigative reports were not done by anyone, there were no notes, memo's reports, absolutely nothing but words given to us to support their decision. What happen??? They led us to believe they were reinvestigating the lack of professional investigation and actions made by the lower levels of authority and the inconsistencies of each office to follow up a verify evidence submitted. When in fact what they did was just buy time and keep us quite while we held on to a hope of something that would never take place. The case had been so mishandled by each level that the next higher level had no option but to hand it upstream in the hope that somewhere along the line of chain of command the case would simply disappear and we would go away.

This is not going to happen as long as either myself or my daughter is alive. Heather is not here to tell us exactly what happen, we may never know exactly what happen. But!! We must be her voice and get someone to look at the chain of events, examine the evidence, hear the testimony and investigate the facts so the "truth is revealed". This young girl did not take her own life and authorities in LA know it as well as we do. Their failure to support this fact is based on their embarrassment of each levels unprofessional handling the case.

Covering up their errors is the only option they feel they had available to them. Cover-ups regarding the fact Michael Skarina was one of their own, his employment in the Camp for abused and troubled youths (how scary is that?), and the mishandling of the case by each level is sure is create a massive windfall of kayos and havoc that the newspaper is skeptical and leery of touching this story. Why would the authorities not question the word of a man (Michael Skarina) on the amount of drugs found in his possession for depression and anxcitity who was overseeing troubled abused youth? Who is watching the people who are watching our children?

Is not the purpose of a well know newspaper to report the news no matter the consequences of the parties involved? Is that not the purpose of Gannett Company Inc.? Why would " The Town Talk" not even acknowledge our repeated emails for someone to contact us. Let us show them our emails from these authorities which support lies told us, inconsistencies in statements-facts-issues, cover up of knowledge by law enforcement that this man was "one of their own", the three incidents of domestic violence in one night, finally the report of her death and not find this "News worthy"?

I am requesting, no begging you, "Please intercede" and request "The Town Talk" to do the right thing. One thing is for certain, we are not going to stop pleading for someone to listen to us. We can prove our allegations. We can support all our statements above and more. Maybe if we lived in LA instead of out of state our voices would be listened too. But why should geographies matter? The truth is what is important and should be heard. Please help us.

Here is our contact information:
Carol Goldman (maternal grandmother-Heather Renee Skarina)
Leyona Goldman (natural mother of Heather Renee Skarina)
Please acknowledge receipt of this correspondence. It is a simple request. We need your help. If it was your loved one we would help you if it were in our power to do so. Yes we are grieve stricken and will remain so until the truth is revealed, but we also are seeking justice for Heather.

Sincerely, Carol Goldman

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Petition site is back

Ok, so call me paranoid... the site is back up.
Must just be one of those days
where my computer seems possessed..
I am getting off of here, my back hurts and my neck is killing me. I think a hot bath is in my near future.
So 131 signatures on the petition and great comments too.
I am mailing a copy too the DA's office soon.
I was just hoping for more signatures.
Well, I have 10 jury's worth and working on 11...
If you've been trying to sign the past day or so, please go try again.
Now, time for that bath...
Love & Light

Strange how things happen

So, this morning I get around to my e mail and I find that the Town talk has again been "googleing" HR and the story and the petition page!
Oh how excited I was. Now they can see that others too think this needs to be heard. So I do my daily check out of the websites and guess what?

I can get to the Petition page.... not a thing it keeps saying the web site is incurring problems or I'm not connected to the internet.. yeah right.
So is it just a coincidence OR ....
I did download a copy on the 8th but unfortunately I didn't realize it didn't get the last 10 signatures on my copy. This copy only has 120 signatures arrrrg! HOPEFULLY this is a glich and I am reading WAY more into it.
just odd that the site would be down, it's NEVER happened before that I am aware of. And now my blogger is acting up..
very strange if I get booted off the internet, well I guess i stepped on toes..
Well, toes are just the begining, because until I get answers, I am going to keep right on stepping.

Now let's see if I can post this.
Love & Light