Monday, July 14, 2008

Strange how things happen

So, this morning I get around to my e mail and I find that the Town talk has again been "googleing" HR and the story and the petition page!
Oh how excited I was. Now they can see that others too think this needs to be heard. So I do my daily check out of the websites and guess what?

I can get to the Petition page.... not a thing it keeps saying the web site is incurring problems or I'm not connected to the internet.. yeah right.
So is it just a coincidence OR ....
I did download a copy on the 8th but unfortunately I didn't realize it didn't get the last 10 signatures on my copy. This copy only has 120 signatures arrrrg! HOPEFULLY this is a glich and I am reading WAY more into it.
just odd that the site would be down, it's NEVER happened before that I am aware of. And now my blogger is acting up..
very strange if I get booted off the internet, well I guess i stepped on toes..
Well, toes are just the begining, because until I get answers, I am going to keep right on stepping.

Now let's see if I can post this.
Love & Light

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