Thursday, July 17, 2008

"We are looking into it"

This is my response to yet another e mail from the Alexandria Town Talk, telling us to sit back and wait we're looking into it.

Dear Mr Carty,
Good morning, I appreciate the email and explanations of the deleted ones.

Although, I have spoke to Mr Sean McCrory and was told 6 months ago that the very things you are saying would be done. Now 6 months later you are telling me it is now just being looked into?

I spoke with him at great length at the end of January and was assured a reporter would contact me.

I am still waiting.

Also I believe I also sent the original e mail to you along with the others, and received no response.

So, what you are telling us is that you will or have contacted the other parties, to get their story but you have yet to hear ours in full. You have gotten bits and pieces. Why exactly is no one talking to us? Are the political connections so tight that we are the after thought? Just the ones stirring up the dust?

Forgive me if I seem a bit unconvinced that this email means anything more than putting us off, just a bit longer. This has been done so many times I find it hard to be hopeful that anyone will truly help us. We have been told to sit tight we are investigating, more times than I can count only to find NOTHING has been done or resolved.

It has been almost 3 years since my daughter was found dead in another state in the home of a man who she hated and owed her over $70,000 in child support. The LA DA let him go over & over year after year. LA DHS nor MS DHS did nothing to help. For years I have fought and then when she decided to try to talk to him he killed her to get out of paying and it worked.The child support has disappeared and no one seems to be able to tell me WHY>

The coroners office, what a joke, they sent her body to Lafayette. They took no photographs? No dictation? I believe this to be a LIE, I have worked in the industry and not a body comes in that doesn't get photographed. And to sign off on the death certificate BEFORE the CASE was even partially finished being investigated. Your official state form has a box "UNDER INVESTIGATION" this was the case so why did they certify it so quickly? and according to what we have been told the Coroner answers to the sheriff's Department. hmmm?

We have been lied to by every official that we have talked too. Not one of them has been sympathetic to my daughter's death, they only wanted us to stop asking questions and go away.
They never investigated the "story" that they went out drinking in Marksville. Heather didn't even have bi-products of alcohol in her system, so she hadn't drank in over 3 days, hmmm (another lie, by Michael) I myself called Bailey's and sent pictures to the club and no one claimed to see any of them that night.

It is my belief that He was out looking for her because she wanted to go home, she called a friend to come get her but he couldn't because he was on his way to TX (he's a marine) This was on Thursday or Friday before she died.

She went shopping at your MALL on that Friday night around 6pm. She purchased some clothes at Apostle' they unfortunately do not have in store video. I asked the Mall but the police were SUPPOSED to have requested it but I was never told if they did or did not. Who was she with? what was her demeanor? I believe these are things the police should have been asking.

Her apartment was left a shambles and if she went on her own why wouldn't she take her make-up, hair brush, personal things? Her bathroom was intact. This is a girl who took a blow dryer to the beach for the weekend.

Her car, full of gas sitting in the driveway in VICKSBURG, MS where she lived and worked.

I begged them to check his computers and the cell phone, she had his, she called me and left a message and had this phone for several days. They ignored me.

I got her cell phone back from Michael, it's been erased, everything is gone. I took it to nextel and they told me it was purposely deleted. There isn't even a call in any of the logs. He wiped her phone out. WHY? There were text messages on there to me, I know because I have my copy. I have an old phone that I tried just to see if the stuff went away nope still there after 3 years, call logs everything. Now why would he erase her phone?

So if you are indeed investigating, why not ask us what is missing? why hasn't anyone spoken to us?

I believe there is much more to this story and others are involved. This man is dangerous and persuasive, He himself has yet to tell me how our daughter died in his home.

Good luck, my freedom of information request did nothing for me, hopefully you will be able to get the videos from the patrol cars Initially I was told by Det Stephans that the cars in Ball were NOT EQUIPPED with video or audio. Yet just a few months later one of the very patrol cars caught video of an escaped convict.... now where did that camera come from???

3 persons took crime scene photos at the apartment yet only 14 are available, I suppose they all used the same camera or they each took 4 pictures?

The apt was littered with drugs in the kitchen. living area, but NONE in the room she was in or the bathroom.(The drugs from bottle in the bathroom was not found in her system)

If he was so worried about her taking her life(his words to officers) why have a quart size bottle of percocet on your fridge? Even though this is not what killed her. A massive over dose of Amytriptylin, more than she had access too. Where did the rest of the drugs come from & where did the puncture wound on the inside of her left elbow come from?

Questions, question and more questions, hell they can't even tell WHEN SHE DIED, now come on, if she had only been there a few hours why couldn't they determine time of death.

Again, I greatly appreciate any and ALL help we can get in this matter. I am praying someone will finally listen that isn't connected in someway to this case.

The truth is all we ever wanted, the grand Jury hearing was our only hope and they took it away from us. I have over 130 signatures on a petition for that very hearing. I haven't quite decided when to send a copy to the DA. but soon.

I apologize if I was curt or antagonistic in this email but as you can imagine, in consideration of what I have been through in the last 2 1/2 years, I have no reason to believe anyone at this point in time. I pray this time is different. Thank you for taking time to answer, at least we now know someone is listening.

Respectfully, Leyona Goldman
Natural mother of the Late Heather-Renee' Skarina

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