Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now Facebook, how much more am I supposed to take?

Facebook has taken away Heather's regular page away from me even though I have told them REPEATEDLY that if they would get thier dates straight
SHE WAS ALREADY DEAD... I am the author of that page.
They removed all the links to the pages and all my work..
3 flipping years of working onthis... her pages were on YAHOO! I still have them in my favorites but those pages..
they stay JUST THE WAY THEY ARE! the way she left them..
This was my way of contacting people who may not have heard or known she was gone.
I finally start to weed through and was finding people she worked with and had been with her in the last few days before she disapeared... I have been look ing for 3 years now... I find them and they shut down the fucking page!
CHRISTMAS EVE! not that I care but is't it the flipping holidays when people tend to MISS THOSE THAT ARE GONE THE MOST>>>>>>
WTF could they have been thinking?

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This is my last letter of about 4 in the same amount of days with no response back so I hope they never sleep and I will be thinking moving this all to another venue somehow someway... or just fuck it... doesn't seem to be doing anything other than make me crazier that most of you already think I am... FINE... so I'm crazy, I love it , I relish it... I have a doctors note... so there!

But crazy people are remembered and well behaved women never make history and of course there was that squeeky wheel.....

I may just put it all here, every picture, every police report... eveything...
maybe I just get my own domaine.... hmmm

I try to tell myself (daily) and others, that out of all bad there is SOME good... you just have to look for it..or twist it to suit your need...
this is bad, but there is some good in here somewhere...... I'm detirmined and have plenty of time on my hands

again with the patience.... it grows thin today

all I can do is cry..

Why can't they just leave well enough alone?

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PS: Does GANNETT CORP Own FACEBOOK or part it??? I'm just asking...

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