Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We finally got the files back today.. BUT

Mama, received the files back today, finally after 4 months or so of stalling this is what she found.... my earlier e mail was my response to his reply to this letter... what nerve! After everything they have told us, we have ALL the e mails from them, he has the nerve to say this... I'm angry and I'm tired of being lied to continuously. THIS HAS TO END...
48 hours did a few stories this past week about families who took investigations into their own hands, I felt so validated.. I know I will never give up and that just helped me enforce my belief that this will someday come to light and we will have answers. Someone will listen and someone will help us, I just have to be patient.

Now enjoy this crap from the Trash talk....

Mr. Carty,
I received my files back just minutes ago via Fed-Ex.
I appreciate the return of them. I cannot express my overwhelming feelings of total frustration when I reviewed them. The files were sent so "the Town Talk"could have access to the evidence relating to the my granddaughters deathand all the inconsistencies surrounding the absolutely total unprofessionalism and lies relating to the so called investigation into her death by various departments of law enforcement in LA.
A major portion of the files were multiple pages "stapled together". Anyonewith a ounce of intelligence knows when you remove a staple to make copies,you must then re-staple the pages. When it is re-staple you can see the holes made by the original staple.
Additionally there are "absolutely no fold edges"on any of the pages to indicate the pages where folded back to allow for coping without removing the staples.

How can anyone at the Town Talk declare they are totally committed to revealing truth and uncovering corruption when they have the opportunity toreview first hand evidence to support allegations and they do nothing? I amappalled at this action by the Town Talk.

My files were kept for months, and I continued to receive messages they are being reviewed, follow-ups are being made to verify the validity of documents received and "copies of my files were being made", when in truth "NOTHING WAS BEING DONE".

Shame on all of you.
My sincerest hope is that no one at the Town Talk ever has to suffer and experience the pain and agonizing grief of losing a loved one and have everyone feed you false hope and lead you to believe they will help, while in fact they are just pacifying you.
Does no one at the Town Talk know the definitions of the words "Truth, Integrity, Compassion, Honor,or Moral obligation"?

I can only assume they do not. The very actions of the handling of my files and all the overwhelming support I have provided for the Town Talk's review, support my feeling and assumptions totally.

Perhaps someone at the Town Talk can explain to me why this has happened. Why has everyone at the Town talk elected and chosen to turn their backs, ignore and disregard over 600 pages of documented evidence (sent in goodfaith) for them to review, and continually lied saying they were being copied and investigations on-going?

I would hope that some form of explanation will be sent to me.

This is emotional torture and devastating to our family.

Carol Goldman
Maternal grandmother of Heather-Renee Skarina 7/8/1983-9/18/2005

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