Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roy Provost is at it again,,,

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I am in complete shock that this man is able to own a company after everything... This is corruption at its finest in my opinion.

This is the same man who told me over the telephone, while I was at the FUNERAL HOME... I called them again prior to having Heather cremated, just in the event there was anything they hadn't gotten. I specifically went down a laundry list of specific biological specimens that I REQUESTED be kept. He assured me they "had everything the needed, I could go ahead with cremation... had I know this man was a complete scam artist & lying about his training, lying about the coroner, lying lying lying!!! He didn't even take photographs of her body... what else didn't he do?? This was during Katrina, bodies everywhere, one coroner had died, they sent HR to Lafayette. This money hungry piece of $#!t lied to me to get paid. Plain & simple the faster they post them, the faster they get paid.
Why wouldn't the justice Department give me everything? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL DOING THIS OTHER FAMILIES??? How again does he even OWN a company such as this??
Collie Trant, the Coroner at the time of Heather's post was fired & claimed Provost was basically trying to run the coroner's office while the actual coroner was 80 something years old & had dementia... then Trant went to OK and was fired

Trust me I will be following up on this turn of events...
They can't ignore me forever....
and I won't stop until my last breath....

The following is a excerpt from todays article online:

Roy Provost, the owner of Louisiana Forensic Center, claims he had permission to use the facility for such purposes, but Coroner Shannon Cooper said that’s not true.
Provost’s company, Louisiana Forensic Center, charged $1,550 for each autopsy it performed for the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office. The company conducted 302 autopsies between September 2007 and October 2011 and was paid $468,100, according to records provided by the city-parish finance department, which handles the payment of all expenditures for the Coroner’s Office, except for payroll.
Provost’s company potentially earned an additional $96,000 from the autopsies he conducted for other parishes and private individuals while working at the East Baton Rogue Parish forensic medical center, assuming it charged them similar rates.
Ascension Parish Coroner Dr. John Fraiche, for example, said his office paid Louisiana Forensic Center $13,500 between January 2011 and May 2011 to conduct nine autopsies, or $1,500 per autopsy. Fraiche said Wainer conducted the autopsies at the East Baton Rogue Parish Forensic Medical Center.
Fraiche said he, like many coroner’s across the state, continues to use the services of companies such as Louisiana Forensic Center, because he doesn’t have a forensic facility in which to conduct autopsies or enough money to hire a full-time forensic pathologist.

Provost said he pulled out of East Baton Rouge Parish for business reasons but declined to elaborate.....

maybe it was those nagging " allegations of mishandling in the Coroner's office...

"Trant further claims every decision was made or dictated to Boustany by Roy Provost, whom Trant describes as ambitious but prone to shortcuts. Trant alleges a pattern of ineptitude on the part of the seven-year employee. "I left because of the incompetence and the fact that we had a high school graduate running the office," Trant says. "A forensic pathologist should be running the autopsy part of an office when they're doing autopsies. Because Boustany wasn't running anything and wasn't competent to supervise these people, Provost was getting away with anything he wanted."

Trant says he was hired in 2005 to perform approximately 225 autopsies per year but ended up doing almost 300, often without basic information from investigator reports that were required to be compiled by Provost and another investigator, Keith Talamo. The pathologist says he was willing to accept the unexpected increase in volume after the 2005 hurricanes but claims Provost actively recruited more than 100 cases from Rapides Parish in an effort to generate additional fees for the office and make himself look good in the eyes of the Lafayette City-Parish Council.

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