Monday, March 11, 2013

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Damn, It's been a year again..

So much for all the great stuff going on in my world. Just living day in day out.

I did get engaged,  after 7 years of living together and now we are about to hit the 9 year mark!
That has been the sole joy in my life to finally marry the man I have only dreamt existed in just over a year. I can't think of a better way to start off my 50th year than planning a wedding.
 My other Joy: My son finally came to Hawaii to live.

He has come so far in a little over a year. Sadly he too has had a lot of changes, moving here to sudden culture shock, losing his father 2 months later, going back & realizing the people who you thought were your "friends" really weren't. I hurt so badly for him when his childhood friends couldn't find time (in the course of a week) to come see him or come to the funeral home. Loosing his girlriend and missing his daughter like crazy. Then the family fight that is inevitable at every funeral. I really think it's obligatory at this point in time. If you don't have some kind of drama it isn't a real funeral now is it?

My father seemed like he was doing really good while we were there in late November fast forward to March 2012. (yes, I had to fly again, ugh)  I went home to take care of some things and of course see my parents. Dad was doing well, talking to us, sharing, making jokes and being "Dad"
   I never realized as I wrapped my arms around him to tell him I goodnight my last night in MS, he said, "You go home to Drew and take care of that boy. They need you more than I do now." it would be the last time I saw my father. He put up one hell of a fight. I am at peace with his passing, he is pain free, dementia free & Parkinson's free now after almost 20 years of struggling.
Proud to know he will buried among Presidents in Arlington National Cemetery almost one year to the day of his passing.

 I've lost so many people in this decade of my life. 40 started out so well, or so I thought... I guess driving through a 3 state blizzard from all directions to get to MS wasn't a sign-
 shouldn't that have been a tiny clue as to the degree of crap I was going to have to get myself through for the next 10 years? 

~ after my last writing my Uncle Dale, he committed suicide about 9 months after my Grand-Mother was murdered. Oh, Not because of remorse, hell no. Long story short, he was put under house arrest for charges in MS (but out on probation in the state of MO) well when MO found out he violated his probation they were going to come get his sorry ass & lock him up on his original sentence which I can't remember how long but anyway, 3 days in - he shot himself in the chest to keep himself out of jail - period. 
Still left with questions... I am so sick of having so many questions and never any answers.
So over the last year I have been watching to see the traffic on all the links, and have decided to take down the network so

Today was the end of the Justice for Heather-Renee' Network on Ning. I really tried, I gave it another year to take off but I just don't have the experience to run a website.
So I will wait & leave all that up to the pros.

Bittersweet, it will save me tons of aggravation; I have had no less than 300 "members" added all spammers. Who has time for that crap? I certainly don't and I really don't see the point anyway. I suppose I was grasping at anything I could to get people talking. I knew Facebook would be that tool but so far it's worked for everything from "talking" cats, dogs, pigs, you take your pick of animal, real or imagined and they get more activity. It really really is annoying.. Really.

So, this takes me to today, I have struggled for months on what to do about the network site and actually I just give up. I have no business attempting to run a website, I have nor time or patience for all the garbage that I have to wade through on a daily basis.

It just takes energy I want to focus in other places.
 So the Justice For HR Network & Justice4HR pages will stay up on Facebook
 as will Heather's Fan Page
Follow us on Twitter!
So much for the last year....
I'm just happy it's over... Now
I have a wedding to plan only 515 days until I marry my BEST FRIEND!

Warmest Love & Light,

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