Friday, May 15, 2009

Will anyone really EVER help us?

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Today is just another day of hitting the WALL:

I have been victimized, by the very people who were/are supposed to be helping me.

It's very sad when you have to fight the people that are suppose to be fighting FOR you.

I begged for help over the years, I even had a warrant out about 10 or so years ago for all the good it did me, he lived less than 3 miles away for over a year and they did nothing to enforce my warrant or order. They told me to get pictures of him I did it, I did all the work and gave him to them on a silver platter and it did me no good.
The one time I got a tax return he quit his job and started getting paid under the table.
We drove back and forth going to court in LA for nothing when I finally got him served, he nor his attorney showed up..
Then Robert Levy, ADA let him go.. with us sitting there; he just dropped the motion.(I think he owed me something like $30-40,000 or more at the time and they took 5 years of support away from me) Why we have no idea.
In a matter of moments we went from "burying him under the jail" to all charges dropped.. WTF?
My mother and I drove home in shock... after I almost went to jail for coming across the table to choke this man... what happened when he sent us into the courtroom? Who got to him?
This turns out to be the very same Robert Levy who now is the DA and he ran as fast as he could to recuse himself and protect the DA's office from prosecution by filing some garbage paperwork. Then the JOKE that is the Louisiana "Justice" Department stepped in and drug out the statute of limitations so we were not given the RIGHT to sue for wrongful death.

So what you see in my blogs is just the tip of the iceberg. This story would make for a great movie someday. No one believe it was fact. but it is every painful bit of it.

This man even seduced a young girl who I considered as my own daughter and drove a wedge between us. Hell, he even talked to her BEFORE ME, after Heather died and has never to this day told me how our daughter came to be at his home so far from anyone she knew and die...

He knew how to hurt me by taking people I love away from me, he did it when I was young with my friends and continued to do it when he could.

By taking Heather he did the ultimate hurt because I still have to live every day without her.

I seem to be rambling on now and I apologize. This is just so baffling to me and I am wondering just how much longer do I have to fight and beg for some help?

25+ years and counting but I will never give up, I just get tired

Someone must listen... I can not be the only one out here fucked over by Rapides Parish and DHS in both Mississippi and Louisiana...

Heather deserved her money and why should it just disappear, like it was never owed?
It is now a part of her Estate.. he OWES her!

When he was served to show up to hear the disposition of her life insurance, his attorney (Judge Lee) sent a letter wanting to know HOW MUCH $$$$...was involved...we declined to answer & he didn't show up.. typical
This is the very same day we went to LA to get the dog & the rest of her belongings. He actually stole the little bit of money out of HR's purse... We demanded it be returned all $5 and change...
How can you STEAL from the DEAD?

Now I get this CHILD, who I believe is his sister's daughter trying to tell me she was so close to Heather and even called her "REY" !
Come on.. Everyone who knows HR knew she had 5 names but "Rey" wasn't one of them. Then she proceeds to tell me to "Apologize to her father and take down this mess"... ROFLMAO!
This man is a MURDERER...
I will never apologize for trying to make him held accountable for taking away the one thing that meant the most to me and He's been doing it my entire life...

Now I find he is trying to get a military medical discharge and banking on Retirement... IF so I WANT HEATHER'S MONEY and this time he can't hide his earnings away...

Can anyone help me figure out HOW to get a judgement enforced?

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