Monday, April 27, 2009

Rules for conduct?

Today I have a few e mails to share, this is my response to several e mails from this man to my mother.
We are still attempting to get an attorney to help us and can find no one. Even Gloria Alred turned me down. Well, at least one of her junior attorneys did. It was a shot in the dark... ok? I'm not ruling anyone out just yet.

I will not give up the hope that we will find someone willing to take on the slimeball political family in Rapides Parish, La
How can someone be so rude? He's supposed to help those who can't help themself... I think he needs to find a new job personally, but then again he is why attorneys have such a bad reputation.
After reading his emails to my mother I was so upset I looked for this man & found this "creed" belonging to the group he is a member of... seems he forgot his "oath" so I reminded him.....

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Louisiana Association for Justice Lawyer's Creed

I. I revere the Law, the Civil Justice System, and the profession, and I pledge that in my private and professional life, and in my dealings with fellow members of the Bar, I will uphold the dignity and respect of each in my behavior toward others.

II. In all dealings with fellow members of the Bar, I will be guided by a fundamental sense of integrity and fair play; I know that effective advocacy does not mean hitting below the belt.

III. I will not abuse the Civil Justice System or the Profession by pursuing or opposing discovery through arbitrariness or for the purpose of harassment or undue delay.

IV. I will not seek accommodation from a fellow member of the Bar for the rescheduling of any Court setting or discovery unless a legitimate need exists. I will not misrepresent conflicts, nor will I ask for accommodation for the purpose of tactical advantage or undue delay.

V. In my dealings with the Court and my fellow counsel, as well as others, my word is my bond.

VI. I will readily stipulate the undisputed facts to avoid needless cost and inconvenience to any party and will work with opposing counsel to reduce the expense of litigation.

VII. I recognize that my conduct is not governed solely by the Rules of Professional Conduct, but also by standards of fundamental decency and courtesy.

VIII. I will strive to be punctual in communications with others and in honoring scheduled appearances, and I will recognize that neglect and tardiness are demeaning to me and to the Profession.

IX. If a fellow member of the Bar makes a just request for cooperation, or seeks scheduling accommodation, I will not arbitrarily or unreasonably withhold consent.

X. I recognize that effective advocacy does not require antagonistic or obnoxious behavior, and as a member of the Bar, I pledge to adhere to the higher standard of conduct which we, our clients, and the public may rightfully expect.

Seems to me, Mr Koederitz that you have forgotten these.. ...

You are the most rude an obnoxious person I have had the displeasure of being in contact with.

I hope you never have a child be ripped from your life and treated with such disrespect.
My mother reached out to you and you basically blow her off without so much as
"sorry for your loss" My guess is you didn't read anything pertaining to this case.
You are also involved in some way.... could that be the reason for your harshness and
disregard for my mothers feelings or is it that lawyers such as yourself just want all the "glory" of having a trail of groups you are a member of to make yourself look far more important than you are?

You should clearly rethink your membership in a group that you pledge to conduct yourself in a certain manner then do the complete opposite.

Shame on you and may you never experience the heartbreak and frustration we have.

I look forward to posting your e mails on my blog for everyone to see and read, hopefully it will trickle down to your clients.. if you have any; considering your rudeness and lack of compassion.

One day we will be heard and it will be national news and your name will be on the list right under the Alexandria Town Talk and every other person in La that has stood in my way to the truth behind my daughters MURDER. Yes she was murdered in your state by a sheriffs deputy and covered up by the police and DA... my daughter begged on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION to be away from that man...and did the police help her?! NO!!.. he drove her to die.. in a police car and left her crying... LESS than 24 hours later she was DEAD....with no formal "time of death" They are responsible for her death and It will come to light with or without your help.

It's a shame you have no desire to help us, but I know there is someone out there that will.


Heather deserved better than this and If it is the last thing I do I will not have what happened to her happen to any other child whose father refuses to pay support and goes to such great lengths as tax evasion, skipping about the country and eventually even murder to avoid supporting his child. LA helped him every step of the way.... for 25 years they stood in my way and still are to this day.

This has to end, someone must listen. Is Louisiana corruption so ramped that no one has any morals anymore? Is there not a decent lawyer in the state?
I'll find someone, without your help.

I do not wish for you to represent us in anyway and keep your suggestions to contact the bar...
in 3 years you honestly think we haven't contacted the BAR???
You obviously did not read the original email. I can only hope you've read thus far.

Thank you for you time, you obviously feel it is more important than other peoples time.
Sorry to inform you but my time is just as valuable; even if I don't charge by the minute.

You were a waste of Mother's time, I'm sorry she contacted you in the first place, but what do you expect when you contact those who are SUPPOSED TO HELP YOU?
certainly not this, but live and learn.

Thank you for not helping,

Leyona Goldman
Mother of the Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
who was murdered in Louisiana by cooperative efforts of the city of BALL, Rapides Parish Sheriff's office and the DA along with Michael D Skarina on September 18, 2005

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