Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Public Domain Videos, How do you get those?

I know they are out there...
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The Justice for Heather-Renee Skarina Network

I am interested in how “they” obtained the video of the cop in Ball, La letting Richard McNair go.

See, my daughter was murder by a Rapides sheriff deputy and they claimed at the time there were no cameras in the cars. I need to find the videos of when my daughter was with that patrol officer. He put her into his patrol car and drove her to die.
Please help me find a way to get those videos, there should be at least 4

1. Sept 17, 2005@aprox: 0400 Fight at trailer with 2 off duty DEPUTIES and the on duty cop made her go with her "father" about 10 minutes later:
2: Sept 17, 2005 @ aprox: 0530 he (same cop) (Wayne Clark) found her FLAGGING TRAFFIC to get out of town, and the truck was in the ditch. My ex went running across the street and my daughter is still trying to get a ride away from these men.
3:The police officer placed my daughter in his PATROL CAR and takes her to my ex's home even after her telling him she did NOT WANT TO BE WITH HIM. ("She jerked the wheel sending them into the ditch")
*I have been told that routinely they turn the camera around when they have someone in the car... The officer admits to a conversation with HR while they drove, where is that VIDEO?
4: September 18, 2005: MY DAUGHTER WAS FOUND DEAD
at the foot of the bed between a dresser, fully clothed in what we believe to be the same clothes she was wearing on FRIDAY.. This was now Sunday morning at 10am ( Carl Bordelon was the responding officer to the house)

Footnote: a 10 year old went into this room on 3 dif occasions, around 0700, 0730 and again around 1000; claiming she wouldn't get up, yet her face and hands were covered in blood, she's in the floor.
The carpet even had blood on it & he thought nothing of it and walked away to watch cartoons beside his "sleeping" father...

This has been a cover up since the very beginning. So much more in my other blog above...
I will be posting this they too, sorry if you get it twice.

Much LOVE & warmest, brightest LIGHT,


PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE VIDEOS!!! I know they are out there...

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