Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My March Madness

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4 long years,and 6 months later and still no answers only more questions.

More insight, more information.
Things are a little clearer to me and I am getting a better picture of how I think things went down. Those last 3 days.

Purely speculation on my part, but I think Heather had been hiding from Michael for several days and I KNOW she tried to have someone come get her on Wed. She was stuck there. Alone with no one to call. We know now she had his cell phone. I begged them then to see who she had called. I know she tried to call me.She left me a message. Did she text anyone?

I know now that, that the morning Michael found Heather's body, he took the phone OUT OF HER DEAD HAND and called backed the person who she called, demanding to know what Heather wanted when she called. THEN told the person that Heather was dead.
I don't remember seeing that tib bit of information in any police report.
The cops didn't know she had the cell phone in her hand Michael claimed he didn't touch her, just called 911.
He's trained in CPR from working at the Youth camp, why didn't he even try??? on his very own daughter!! I asked to hear the 911 call, I was told NO and then I filed a FOI with nothing to this day. I have written repeatedly over the last 4 1/2 years.

So here we are March 16, 2010 and still they have not held him acountable in her death.

 That house was littered with prescription drugs and sample bottles, how is it that no one thought this strange? or does everyone in Louisiana have a quart size bottle of percocet on thier refrigerator and wellbuterin sample bottles all over the house? All these bottles where in HIS possession and none found near Heather...

All the drugs found in her system were HIS the only thing she had that was hers was a metabolite of the anti-depressant she had just started taking a week earlier. She had NO ALCOHOL in her system not even metabolites..
Which means she had NOT been drinking as he had claimed!

WHY?? Would they still believe him after so many lies??

The one drug that caused her death is amitriptyline, did you know that 750mg of this drug will KILL YOU?? well, neither did I until now. They hand this drug out like candy to kids and it is LETHAL and by the way it is also contradicted in antihistamine use it can cause DEATH...

Heather had traces of antihistamine in her system, it was mid September, now why would she be taking allergy medicine?

My opinion but She certainly didn't take his medication on her own.

This drug is easily dissolved in water and leaves no trace behind. She had 3 days worth of metabolites in her system and greater than 5000ng per mil in her blood on toxicology.
That's enough to kill a 250lb MAN!
So how did she get such a high level of the drug when she only had access to say 30 25mg pills? and why would she have metabolites of this drug if it was all taken at one time?

I can go on and on ... but I need to stop for the day

Thanks for listening, well reading this far. One day I will have the answers I seek.

He will pay one way or another, of this I am sure. I hope his dreams are filled will her face wanting to know why and I hope he sees her around every corner and every waking moment is filled with fear that I am getting closer to the truth and he will pay dearly.

This fear is what lead him to attempt suicide with the very drugs he used on my daughter.
The only problem is I saved his sorry ass... I sat in our kitchen and listened to him choke on his own vomit and I remember the smell of death hovering over my head..

Why didn't I just sit there and wait a few more minutes longer.. 10 more just 10 more and he would have been out of our lives forever...

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