Sunday, September 20, 2009

Facebook! NOT AGAIN..

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Here we go again with FACEBOOK they still; 9 months later have Heather's original page held HOSTAGE.. we have been fighting fulitly to get SOMEONE to answer us to WHY?
Still the same garbage... PRIVACY? Who's?? certainly not Hers, or mine.
This page belongs TO ME not FACEBOOK.. I need to contact the ACLU today.
They leave up stupid groups, and let people impersonate whomever
but the one page that could mean so much.
I was just finding the people who she had last been with that last week and they shut down the page, How is that possible?

SOMEONE REPORTED THE PAGE: (their claim: I was impersonating her)

So here's another round of begging pleading and threatening FACEBOOK
and still we get NOWHERE!

PLEASE if you are her friend on the original page add the FAN PAGE and the group.
there are over 300 people on her page that have not swithched over. Please do so before I loose you all. I am adding people every day. As many as Facebook will allow me. The majority of my friends are friends of the kids. I wasn't even using Facebook for myself until this happened.
Now on to my note to them this morning..

After 3 e mails back & forth between the FB Mystery People and My mother:

His response was a repeated canned,"Sorry, We can do nothing for you; please see our list of how to go fuck yourself... this is my note to "him"


Dear Keith / Facebook Mystery Person

I need back into the account of Heather-Renee' Skarina
I have the password
I have the active email account that it goes to.

Why was this page EVER taken from me to begin with?
I have NEVER been given an real reason.
There is NO BREACH OF PRIVACY other than Facebook taking my access away on Christmas DAY 2008 ....
You took it away NOW GIVE IT BACK, how hard can that be?
or At least switch all her friends over to the FAN PAGE...

We are in the middle of a MURDER INVESTIGATION and this page was a way for me to get in touch with all of my daughter's friends. They do NOT KNOW ME BY NAME. and I live 5000 Miles away..
As soon as I found certain few people the page got shut down out of the blue....

There are other pages and groups that are all BS pages and you leave them up
but something so important as to get CLUES TO A MURDER you take away my access and tell me it's a
privacy issue?? WHO's PRIVACY are you protecting?
Certainly not mine nor Heather-Renee's
by not allowing me to move COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS from the account. This is mine and I want it back.

I suppose I will contact my friends with the ACLU and see where to go from here.
that along with our attorney and the media.

I want access to this account returned ASAP.
Thank you mother for all your help.

Leyona Goldman
Natural Mother and next of kin of The Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
Honolulu, HI 96825

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