Sunday, September 13, 2009

Light a Candle say a Prayer

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2005

My daughter was taken from her home in Vicksburg, MS by another and they kept her for several days; drugged.
September 16, 2005 She went to Alexandria Mall and went shopping. Spent over $100 and left the store. (no video) (RPSD was advised to get Mall video but I was never informed if it was ever obtained.)
September 17, 2005 after she begged Police twice for help they did nothing.
Aprox 0530 RPSD/ Ball Patrol officer Wayne Clark put my daughter in a patrol car and dropped her off to die.
The next morning on September 18, 2005 she lay lifeless in the floor of an apartment in Ball, LA with her "sleeping father" less than 10 feet away. He heard nor saw NOTHING all night.. a 10 year old child found her at 7am and
walks out of the room with her laying there with blood on her face and hands.
He did NOTHING, went back & watched cartoons while his father was "sleeping" beside him.
September 18, 2005 aprox 1010 am Heather's body is "discovered" by Michael he calls 911 for "medical assistance, person unresponsive"
I have ask repeatedly for this recording but have been told no, and FOI request ignored.

So for 4 years he has hid behind the badge of law enforcement and still walks freely today.
Would you want a MURDER living next to you?
Disguised as a law enforcement officer? This is what is happening in Ball, LA.

She begged them for help and they helped kill her.
Read more @ The strange DEATH OF HEATHER-RENEE' SARAH

Today September 13, 2009 we still have no answers to the questions we have asked. REPEATEDLY.

This will mark 4 long years and we still have very few answers.
Please continue to help us and share this on your profile this week and please ask others too.
If you have not PLEASE:

Join the Justice For Heather-Renee Network

Grunge Angel at

Sign the petition

Spread the word.... (SHARE)

With Warmest love & light,

In Loving Lasting Memory of my beloved daughter;
Heather-Renee' Sarah Skarina may she rest in everlasting peace.
My love for you will never falter and my quest for answers will not fail. One day we will be heard and the world will know your name.
Mama's love forever, to my sweet Butterfly Angel.

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