Monday, January 26, 2009

Why did he come for her?

I wrote a note to one of the closest people to HR at the time she was murdered. It has taken me this long to find her again. Please take time to read both. Some of the things in her e mail I was unaware of. See how something to one person can be so insignificant but can mean the world of difference to another and shed light on dark areas...
I'm not sure what to think about the "Uncle" being mentioned but that is something I will have to look into, Hmmm?

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well we know who did it.. it's just making him be held accountable. He has connections through family that go all the way to the LA Justice Department, but it's all comming in time it will topple onto thier heads I just hope i am there to watch.

The Rapides SO is under investigation yet again.. but will it be really investigated. I think not. My only hope the media at this point. had it not be for the media that little girl would have never been missed for long let along found.

I also have other information that they don't know I have, when the day right i will drop that and all hell will break loose... i just have to prepare for the backlash..I still need to know about the "miscarriage" because Vickie she wasn't pregnant. I have her medical records and all the labs. So did she really "believe she was " and was devastated not to be, or was it her way of trying to get me to come running home?

You were there, you know what happened those last few days before she ended up with Mike.. Did you know she was there? Did she call you from LA?I talked to her the Sunday before and she told me she was in V'burg cleaning house because M was coming... I blew up and ask her why.. she said she needed a "hug" I told her to grab a tree and hung it for all the sympathy she'd get from tha piece of shit..
I went OFF... not knowing she was IN LA and he was right there recording every word... now why would he have her call me and record a message if he wasn't setting it up to prove she wasn't being held against her will or some crazy reason.. why would he feel the need to record the conversation?

That first conversation was over me coming home the next week on the 19, I told her after the ER visit on the 7th to come here. Give Grammy Raven have the neighbor watch Binx and get on a plane..
she wouldn't come, she was worried about taking the time from her job, i guess you guys were gonna lay off or something so she didn't want to be gone and loose her job and apartment.
so she disappears after all????

IT just doesn't make any kind of since.
She was also seeing the shrink and having hypno therapy over what happened at your house.
So this is someone who they say killed them self? when she was doing everything to get her self BETTER and feel BETTER!

I THINK NOT, but if there is something you know and are afraid to tell me please don't be. I need to know..

I HAVE to know so please tell me every detail of what you know about her "supposedly" calling Michael" to come get her because she couldn't drive" but why was she driving anywhere?
HR wasn't the type to take sleep meds and want to drive... face it she rather SLEEP so did he drug her to get her to LA then make her call me 2 days later? Knowing I'd be looking for her?
I still do not believe she ask him to come for her?

Thanks i appreciate any and all information you may have. i do not care how insignificant it may seem I want to know.

Heather didn't even take her brush or blow was still plugged in and the other bag was still in her trunk.. she didn't pack for herself, that is for sure. there was nothing packed but a plastic bin of 10 pair of shoes with 2 mates we found in the apt. a stack of sleep t's and 2 pair of PJs.. NO STREET CLOTHES no make up no toothbrush, no blow dryer, no HAIR BRUSH and he took the dog, and THE CAT ... (Binx) in a 2 seater truck for 3 hours... the clothes she had on was found i have to be the items she purchased at the Mall on Friday the 16 because no other clothes of hers where returned to us and they didn't return the clothes she was wearing nor her jewelry. They claim to have removed it at the scene. Her ruby ring and belly ring are gone..

I've ranted enough...
I think I'll use this on my blog..maybe.. we'll see thanks!


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Ms. Leyona,

I can tell you what I know, as you know I had just went thru a ordeal with my husband, and my mind was still in a state of shock.. HR thought at one time she was possibly pregnant, but she stated to me that she lost it.. She did not tell me everything, I just told her, if she felt bad and was not sure , she needed to see a doctor...

And she has never told me anything about Micheal, except he was here sperm donor, she stated it had been about 15yrs, since she had seen him.

So I can not understand why ,she would go to him, I do not believe she would have on her on free will, and especially not take anything with her either. I did receive a call from her the night I guess she left with him, I had know idea if he was there, or if she was leaving with him, or I would have went and got her myself..
Then I believe 2 days later or 1 day later, I got a call from her, She did not sound herself, I asked if everything was OK, she had told me a everything was fine...

I asked her why she was there, after all these years, she never answered that question, or that I can remember. She did say something about her uncle , something had happened the night before, and the cops where there, she said she would have to tell me later.

But I never heard back from her, I tried calling, but got no answer, And the next day, was my Husbands Birthday, and I got that dredded phone call from a total stranger I did not know, and told me she was gone, I was speechless, and said give me a few minutes and call back, I had to get myself together, and tell my daughter, they where really ,really close...

I got a call back, Micheal stated my number was the last person she called, so he called me, that I do not understand, why he did not call family first...
I asked what the hell happened, only thing he said, was her step-brother, went in to wake her up, to see if she was going to church, and she was un-covered and cold, so he covered her up, and she would never get up, so he went to ck. on her, and that's when he realized she was gone, he stated there was a empty bottle of pills beside the bed side table, he stated she must of overdosed on ellavil..

I said she would never do that... I was just screaming and crying at him, not sure what else I said or he said, I told him I had to go, but thanks for calling me.... I have un-answered questions, of why she was there to began with, and what the hell did she do to my friend... and at the funeral, why did she have all those damn bruises on her, that did not make sense...
But I only knew HR, by what she told me about herself, I did not know everything, My youngest daughter, looked up to her as her big sister, they did alot of things together all the time, after work and on weekends, if she was not busy..

I hoped this has helped some, I have tried to remember everything that has happened to make sure I have not missed anything, But there is still alot I do not remember, from the shock of my husband, killing himself, a month before this happen with HR... The one person I could talk to when know one else would listen...

I will always remember her big smile, and I will remember her last voice message she put on her cell phone, " This is HR, I have made some changes in my life, If you recieve a call bk. your my friend if not , you are the reason I moved on. something to that affect.... She was trying to make changes in her life, with boyfriends I guess...

I just wish I could understand why, she went to him, instead of to some of her friends , or why he came and got her, if that's what happened... I do not understand why her neighbors, next door did not know anything or hear anything... That makes know sense to me either..

She visited with them quite often....I hope justice's comes soon.... If you have anymore question's I will try and help the best I can, or try and get the answers for you...
Hugs back 2 you,

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