Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still trying to get Media Attention

Dear Oxygen Network and NBC investigates:

Please help us, we have been fighting for Someone to hear us, my daughter is dead and was found in the home of a Rapides Parish Sheriff Deputy and No investigation was ever fully conducted.. please help us make them investigate this as a crime as the chief of police told them to do but it never happened. We were promised a Grand Jury Hearing only to have it taken away and the DA ran hiding behind the Justice Department..... Read each story :
My blog has most everything and all links to police reports

I pray you take the time to either read the information or at least pass this along to the right person or persons,
I am pleading with you to help us. The newspaper in the town she was murdered refused to even print an obituary let alone the story of a Mississippi girl found dead in a Louisiana sheriff deputy's home. This is only one of many Rapides Parish Cover ups.
This newspaper has also in the past promised to do a story by one editor and within a few weeks he was fired and the new editor claimed no idea of any story to be done. I even contacted Gannette myself only to be told they do not get involved in individual paper story ideas. So many lies, can you or someone PLEASE HELP US.

Thank you in advance for your time, and patience and over all compassion.

Please for one moment think about how it would be
to have YOUR happy, healthy beautiful 22 year old daughter disappear and be found dead miles from her home in a home of a man she barely knew and owed her child support that she herself was pursuing; 2 months after contacting an attorney to get her money.. she was dead in his home.... after 2 other incidences involving this same department in the same night in which she asked REPEATEDLY to be AWAY from that man, yet the deputy put her in his car and drove her to her death...and within 24 hours my daughter was dead and they couldn't even tell me WHEN she died...? 4 person took pictures, yet only 14 were given to me. They lied to me over and over and dragged ting out to where I was even unable to file a wrongful death suit against the lot of them.
Yet Alexandria Town Talk felt this was not news worthy and for 3 years still feels it is not.

HR's father when he realised she was gone did not call me, he called the last number dialed in the cell phone she was using..and asked what did Heather want? then proceeded to tell the person she was dead and a bottle was beside the bed, that WAS A LIE, no bottles were ever in the same room with her.

I am sorry I can on and on with, please forgive me. We need some help here...

Leyona Goldman
Natural Mother of the Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
Please include in all correspondence Carol Goldman

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