Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HR has FANS!

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Boy oh boy would she have loved this!

I have to say after all Facebook has put me through the past few weeks they are fixing things. Keeping it all to them selves, but they do seem to be fixing things. Why they won't tell me what it is they are doing I have NO Flipping clue... but as long as it gets fixed and the links are no longer broken
I don't care as long as it gets FIXED!
So as angry as I was and still am over them taking her page away. This will work out. The regular page is unsearchable outside of facebook but the others are there. I just want to move out some photos off that page.
Now when you google Heather Renee Skarina the link from FB was originally "page not found" now it goes to the 'Official Fan page" woohoo!
I can see her jumping up and down so happy & thrilled!
She wanted the world to know her name
Well, sweetheart, mama's working on it!

I even went out on a limb an added Nancy Grace to ask for her help, but the fact she works for CNN and CNN is owned by Gannette... and guess who owns Alexandria Town Talk??? yes you guessed it... Gannette corp.. so the idea that they will help us is not a likely one but what can it hurt?
We've even emailed the Managing Publishing editor of Gannette only to be told they let the individual papers handle thier stories and they don't get involved... ?really now?

I seem to step on a few toes occasionally but hell they got 9 more...
I'll keep trying, someone must listen to us soon.

BESIDES! She needs a new story to dig into anyway... this will keep her busy for months if not years... keep your fingers crossed that this works.
Oh any anyone else is more than welcome to email her too and ask for them to the story...

Email Nancy Grace Here

the more the merrier....

Happy New Year, oh I hope so

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