Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Ads... real? or SCAM?

After much consideration and reading of the new "terms of use", I have DELETED the ad, I had placed on FB. I can not afford to be taken advantage of by MORE people who are supposed to be HELPING ME!
What is it going to take to finally get a little help?

I had only about 5 people tell me they actually saw the ad running and clicked on it. So after being told ump tine times to take it down "you're wasting your money" but I was so hopeful it would work... Facebook is so big now.. like they said if they were a country it would be the 6Th LARGEST!
Like anything and everything else it gets wrapped up in GREED and Lust and just rakes in the money without a thought to the people they have trampled on to get they take the big bucks from the very ones they "deem in violation" and still the little guy is ran over because they can't compete.
So is this real? or a REAL SCAM? I spent almost $300 on what? I can not even be sure the ad was shown the number of times they claim and the clicks have been suspected to be "ghost clicks" so in the "lifetime of the ad it was shown 2,649,908 times and 2141 clicks...
SO WHERE ARE THESE 2141 people? I want to know; If they clicked on my ad it was supposed to take them to my page, why did my counter did not pick them up?

As many of you know I am 100% perm disabled and on a very fixed income, if not for the grace of the gods have I had good fortune and have a man who takes care of me the way women were intended to be as partner and comakers in life and NOT property nor possession... he just loves me, thankfully.
It has taken many years to find this man and I am so thankful every day to have him to help me, to be here to guide me. Bring me back down when I tend to spin out of control, like the past few days have been a whirl wind of emotions and feelings and decisions and re decision and still I have no flipping idea what I am doing all this for some days... So I get away from the computer for a few days and then come back to just get myself all worked up again... ah, this thing we call life, vicious circle that it is.
I do know things are picking up the new network is gathering members and google has the network at about 6Th or 7Th in the search! That is awesome..
My neck is acting up and I am going back to the couch, I can type no more
Warmest Love & Light in this bitter cold world today..

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