Friday, December 5, 2008

Why did they have to lie?

Thanks for the email...

Everything in his email are the very QUESTIONS we have been asking all along. The main reason I have not released what i was given is because it isn't an autopsy.. it was some kind of outline... It wasn't even complete none of the test results were included and the RAPE KIT wReport wasn't there. No mention of it actually other than Ribado's report. Even the 2nd pathologist told us what we were given was not a formal autopsy report.
We do know from the report that:
1. There was no sign of vomiting.. No pills found in her stomach or intestinal tract.. more drugs in her system than she had access too. she also had metabolites, which means she had been given this drug for several days, it was NOT a one time DOSE.. otherwise why would she have 3 days worth of drug breakdown..?.
2. The ONLY THING FOUND was The UNEXPLAINED "puncture type" wound on the inside of the left elbow with purple bruising, nothing else mentioned and no photo to my knowledge. There was mention of drawings i requested them but was NEVER given them.
3. Heather had NO alcohol in her system not even bi-products so it was a LIE that she was drinking I still see no evidence she was ever in that bar, it was Michael's "story" to the police.
4. Blood on her hands and mouth: a 10 year old came in, tried to wake her and walked out, Not once, but[ 3] THREE times then claims to have covered her with a "light blanket" because she felt funny... yet I see no 'blanket" in the photos and he thought NOTHING of the BLOOD on the floor and her face.... for over 3 hours he supposedly sat an watched TV next to his Dad asleep in the living room.

We have NEVER been given the actual autopsy documents or the drawings or photos. I was told by Keith T in Lafayette Coroner's office in writing that NO PHOTOS were taken. This all goes back to Dr Collie Trant's accusations of mishandling in 2005.. Heather was one of those cases!

I have sent FOI letters to everyone requesting this information and was told lie after lie after lie...just like the video, I know in my heart that there is video out there some where I just don't know where to find it.
The coroner's office sent me one page and it was from Lafayette. I was given nothing from them. Everything were were given was from the Justice Department and it was only parts of the file.ONLY WHAT THEY WANTED US TO HAVE...
To my knowledge the "re interviews" never took place.. they never gave us proof of any interviews. I specifically asked for Christopher's audio, i was told it didn't exist. yet several notations are made that audio recordings were made by Lt Carl Bordelon and Ribaldo.
And 3 people took only 14 pictures.... yeah right...

LIE LIE LIE they were protecting each other for WHAT?

I have no idea why but they ignored this girl and now she is dead and they are to blame. Had Patrolman Wayne Clark taken her to the Police Department Where she could call someone, she'd be alive today. He was supposed to PROTECT HER and he had 2 CHANCES not one TWO

Questions and MORE questions...

I will keep right on asking until they answer..

BTW The Town Talk STILL has my mother documents, now claiming they have split them up and need to "gather them" in order to return them...

& I fell off a turnip truck last week....

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