Friday, November 14, 2008

Where's Big Brother when you need him?

That famous video of Carl letting McNair go

Today I find myself with millions of thoughts running through my mind. Information seems to be coming from all directions and I'm not too sure how to deal with some of it.
The biggest thing on my mind are the videos... or the lack of videos. In this day and age there are cameras everywhere. When I was in highschool we had required reading, well I was the kid who was a grade ahead of my classmates and took extra English for fun.. back to my point... We had to read a book called 1984, most of you know the book I am talking about and those of you who don't. You know who BIG BROTHER is regardless.

So, when this all started I immediately asked for the videos, I even called Baily's (the night club,Michael claimed they went to on Friday night)and the Apostele' store myself to request the videos, I was told neither one had cameras installed. The Alexandria Mall office told me, I had to have the police request their surveilence videos from Sept 16, 2005 when Heather purchased clothing on that Friday night. Because we know she didn't have any street clothes with her from what was returned to us(I have a store reciept in a bag with some tops with the tags attached)
Even though I begged them not to give anything back to Michael they returned her purse and cell phone to him, I was devastated. At least Carl had the decency to call me himself and tell me they had to give it back to him.
Why exactly I do not know, when I am her next of kin, not him.
When I got her cell phone back it was empty, deleted everything was gone except her phonebook, no outgoing calls, no text messages, nothing. I took the phone to Nextel and they told me that it had to have been purposefully deleted and they were not able to retrieve anything. I know she had texts on there to me, I still have my copy 3 YEARS later.

The RPSD ignored my continued pleas to look at the cell phone Heather was using{she had used his)and Michael's computers, they refused. I asked about the in car video, I was told repeatedly every time that the cars were not equipped with video nor audio, yet 7 months later up pops a video from a Ball patrol car and not just any patrol car.

So now it has me wondering, are there cameras along the highway?
Maybe in the intersection where Ball PD Wayne Clark found Heather flagging traffic? Trust me I have google Earthed it so many times I feel like I live there again. If anyone knows of cameras in that area I sure would like to know about it and who to call.
Big Brother, where are you?

As for the other stuff swirling around in my head will just have to swirl a little longer. This is enough for one day

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