Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Town Talk is still avoiding us!

So here we go AGAIN! This *&%$! Paper has been giving us the run around now for OVER 3 years. They ask us to do something we do it but then we are ignored. I just do not understand. You see stories on cats in trees, they blow a story about kids celebrating Homecoming and turn it into a racial mess that got National coverage. But this was a young girl who was taken from her home, taken from her family and the people who LOVED her to die.
This man has caused more terror in this family for the last 25 years that you can imagine. It only continues because the paper along with the police and city officials are ALL Criminals themselves. Watching each others back telling us lies and then covering it up with more. He was a SHERIFF'S DEPUTY when they rolled up they PROTECTED THIER OWN and they are still doing it.

Now they have my mothers documents and will not return them. It's been over 2 months and all we get are EXCUSES. Now for my mother's latest letter to the paper:

Ms. Goodnight:

It has been almost two (2) months since I mailed my files to Mr. McCory. You have had them for over a month. To date other than the message below written to me, by you on September 18, I have not heard one word from you or anyone else. I can only assume you have decided not to pursue any story or do any investigation in to our "validated concerns and issues". I have reservations you have even read any of documents or pursued getting any answers to our numerous inquiries. If you had, you most certainly would have discovered the validity of concerns and know there is definitely a real story to be told and hundreds of questions which need answers to.

Your paper writes a story and headlines it on trivial matters, but refuses to address the death of a young girl in the home of her estranged father who has a history of mental, physical and abusive behavior. The fact he is on the payroll of the RSD who handled the investigation, still does not pique your interest. Just how politically connected is the newspaper? Why are you all so reluctant to investigate or cover this story?

I sent my files in good faith believing your paper would do the right thing, and allow our voices to be heard. Your lack of actions leads me to believe you only requested them to quiet us. You just wanted us to shut up and go away and requesting the files was your method of finding out just what evidence we had and use it appropriately.

I want my files returned to me "IMMEDIATELY". I want them in the same order as I sent them, and "I WANT ALL OF THEM RETURNED". I also want them sent "Priority Mail with signature confirmation" just as I mailed them to the paper. I know exactly what I sent, the total number of pages and the order in which they were sent.

Once again "the Town Talk" has proven beyond a doubt to us you are not the "tellers of truth" nor the "dependable revelers of corruption" which you advocate you are.

Please respond and advise me of your immediate plans to return my property to me.

Carol Goldman

The strange Death of Heather-Renee'

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Leyona said...

Seems that the Town Talk has some interest in protecting the city of Ball, La it only took then 2 years to report on Ethics Hearings involving the mayor