Saturday, January 5, 2008

The petition is on the feature page!

Good morning all, not really sure if anyone really is reading this but

I want to thank everyone who has taken time to go and place thier name on the petition. It really means alot to me. Thanks.

Please continue to pass along the petition links, we are getting signatures from as faraway as Canada! It is now on the feature page so MAYBE it will get more exposure.

Soon we should have the report from the Forensic pathologist in Florida. It has been several weeks and we should be hearing something soon.
We already know that the amount of drugs in her system were far more than she had access too. This is just one concern they have addressed.

All of the officials involved are running for re election. I have to use this to my advantage no one wants a messy "cover up" hanging over thier head during an election year. Right?

I also "google" Heather's name most every day just to see if there is anything new... Guess what I found yesturday???
a link to the petition on posted by my friend at We saw that...


Well, I am having computer problems again, I updated my Pavillion and it screwed up my BIOS, now I have to send in the computer to be fixed... I am now on disk 12 of a back up...arg! using my old computer. This one is a bit contrary.
So much for the update..
I have to finish putting away Christmas crap, eh decorations
Love you guys!

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